Shadowfist Shurikens and Six-Guns Card List

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[posted 6 Aug 2006; updated 28 May 2007]

This list includes only the basics — basic rarity (ex., no C/C2 distinction), card title, type, and faction. If you want a list with more details, download the master checklist or the database back on the main cardlist page, or if you want to know more about this set, check out the Shurikens and Six-Guns set page.

NOTE: this list has been corrected per Julian Lighton's 15 Aug 2006 posting to the Forum (Corporate Hacker was Common in the original spoiler, but really is Uncommon), and corrected for errors in the titles of Dr. Quentin Higginsbotham and Yippee-Yi-Yo-Kiii-YAAAH! in the official spoiler.

Rarity  Title                                       Type              Faction
   C    Agathon's Deputies                          Character         Lotus        
   R    Agent Tanaka                                Character         Architects   
   R    Anastasia                                   Character         Monarchs     
   U    Arcanovirus                                 Event             Architects   
   U    Avenging Darkness                           Character         Monarchs     
   C    Bait and Switch                             Event             Syndicate    
   C    Big Red Barn                                Feng Shui Site    -            
   R    Black Ophir                                 Character         Jammers      
   C    Blasting Crew                               Character         Jammers      
   C    Blood Eagles                                Character         Architects   
   U    Bloody Herd                                 Character         Lotus        
   U    Boiler Room                                 Site              Jammers      
   U    BoneChill                                   Character         Architects   
   U    Boot Hill                                   Feng Shui Site    -            
   U    Bountiful Fields                            Feng Shui Site    -            
   U    Bridge of Birds                             Edge              Seven Masters
   C    Cavalry Regiment                            Character         Dragons      
   C    Celestials                                  Character         Hand         
   U    Chain Lightning                             Event             Monarchs     
   C    Children of the Sharp Knives                Character         Purists      
   U    Corporate Hacker                            Character         Syndicate    
   C    Corrupt Land Agent                          Character         Ascended     
   C    Coyote Clan Scavengers                      Character         Ascended     
   C    Crazed Preacher                             Character         Purists      
   C    Curse of Discord                            Event             -            
   U    Data Theft                                  Event             Syndicate    
   U    Daughter of Flame                           Character         Monarchs     
   C    Demon Whiskey                               Character         Lotus        
   C    Detonating Corpses                          Event             Lotus        
   R    Devil's Mountain                            Feng Shui Site    -            
   C    Dog Soldiers                                Character         Monarchs     
   R    Donner Lake                                 Feng Shui Site    -            
   R    Dr. Curtis Boatman                          Character         Architects   
   R    Dr. Quentin Higginsbotham                   Character         Jammers      
   C    Dust Storm                                  Event             Lotus        
   R    Echo and Silence                            Character         Syndicate    
   U    Evacuation: 2066                            Event             Architects   
   C    Exiled Monk                                 Character         Hand         
   U    Fastest Gun in the West                     State             Dragons      
   U    Fermat's Last Stand                         Event             Purists      
   U    Fermat's Soldiers                           Character         Purists      
   C    Fire Ants                                   Character         Monarchs     
   C    Fire Woman                                  Character         Jammers      
   U    Fistful of Dollars                          Edge              Ascended     
   C    Flesh Eater                                 Character         Lotus        
   U    Frenzy of the Shark                         Character         Ascended     
   C    Gambler                                     Character         Dragons      
   C    Gamma Beast                                 Character         Architects   
   U    Gunboat Diplomacy                           Edge              Ascended     
   C    Gunslinger                                  Character         Ascended     
   U    Hideout                                     Site              -            
   U    High Noon                                   Event             Hand         
   R    Hoosegow Jackson                            Character         Dragons      
   U    Horse Thief                                 Character         Ascended     
   U    Huichen Kan                                 Character         Lotus        
   C    Hydrophobia                                 State             Ascended     
   C    Hyper Alloy Blade                           State             Syndicate    
   U    Inconvenient Debt                           Event             Syndicate    
   U    Involuntary Embalming                       Event             Lotus        
   C    Isothermal Zodiac                           Event             Jammers      
   R    Jessica Ng                                  Character         Syndicate    
   U    Jia Baoyu                                   Character         Hand         
   R    Johann Bonengel                             Character         Architects   
   R    Joshua Norton                               Character         Purists      
   C    Just a Scratch                              Event             Dragons      
   U    Lateral Reincarnation                       Event             -            
   C    Liquored Up                                 Event             Dragons      
   U    Mah-Jongg Parlor                            Feng Shui Site    -            
   U    Math Bomb                                   Event             Purists      
   R    Midnight                                    Character         Lotus        
   U    Monkey Pirates                              Character         Jammers      
   C    Moonlight Raid                              Event             Ascended     
   C    Morse Code Poet                             Character         Purists      
   R    Naikute                                     Character         Monarchs     
   U    Netherflitter                               State             Jammers      
   C    Night Horror                                Character         Architects   
   U    Nihilist                                    Character         Syndicate    
   R    Nitro Jack                                  Character         Jammers      
   U    Nothing Happens                             Event             Purists      
   R    One-Eye Chan                                Character         Hand         
   C    Personality Shard                           State             Architects   
   U    Pony Express                                Edge              Dragons      
   R    Potlatch                                    Event             Jammers      
   R    Prudence Nightingale                        Character         Purists      
   C    Railroad Workers                            Character         Hand         
   R    Rainmaker Floyd                             Character         Ascended     
   C    Ranchers                                    Character         Dragons      
   U    Redeemed Pirate                             Character         Hand         
   C    Reinvigoration Seed                         Edge              Architects   
   C    Revenge on the Patent Office!               Event             Jammers      
   R    Reverend Adam Wither                        Character         Lotus        
   U    Rise of the NeoBuro                         Edge              Architects   
   C    Sacred Wigwam                               Site              Monarchs     
   C    Salaryman                                   Character         Syndicate    
   U    Senoritas                                   Character         Dragons      
   R    Shao the Killer                             Character         Hand         
   U    Shaolin Hoedown                             Event             Hand         
   R    Sheriff Agathon                             Character         Lotus        
   C    Shurikens                                   State             -            
   C    Simple Paper Fan                            State             Hand         
   U    Single-Action Devolver                      State             Jammers      
   C    Six-Gun                                     State             -            
   C    Skin and Darkness Bats                      Character         Monarchs     
   R    Song, The Little Dragon                     Character         Syndicate    
   C    Steam-Powered Tricycle                      State             Jammers      
   U    Strange Ore                                 Event             Purists      
   C    Street Sweepers                             Character         Syndicate    
   R    Swift Eagle                                 Character         Dragons      
   R    Texas Jack Cody                             Character         Ascended     
   R    The Golden Spike                            Event             -            
   R    The Honorable Earl Mason                    Character         Ascended     
   R    The Insidious Dr. Fermat                    Character         Purists      
   U    The Jackson Gang                            Character         Dragons      
   R    The Seven                                   Character         Dragons      
   R    The Silent Cowboy                           Character         Hand         
   R    The Steam Laundry Company                   Feng Shui Site    -            
   C    The Willow Bends...                         Event             Hand         
   R    Thunder Bird                                Character         Monarchs     
   U    Thunder in the West                         Event             Monarchs     
   C    Thunder Stick                               State             Monarchs     
   C    Triad Punks                                 Character         Syndicate    
   U    Two-Headed Horror                           State             Lotus        
   C    University Library                          Feng Shui Site    -            
   U    Wall Running                                State             Syndicate    
   C    Whispers in the Dark                        State             Purists      
   C    Wild Spirits                                Character         Purists      
   U    Yippee-Yi-Yo-Kiii-YAAAH!                    Event             -            
   R    Yosef Halevi                                Character         Dragons      

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