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[posted 21 July 2002; updated 15 Nov 2004]

Hey, it's the page of things that don't fit anywhere else! It's a dumping ground of entertainment for you :)

Evil Twins - you, as a Shadowfist Character card. Send in a photo and a card writeup, and I'll set it up for you. Amaze your friends, kick the butts of your opponents if they'll let you play with you. Er, well, there's probably a better way to say that, but you get the idea :)

my Nine Cuts collection - really. I collect Nine Cuts (the stinky one from Limited/Standard edition). But I force people to edit him first. Take a look at what people think would have made Nine Cuts playable (or just funny).

Cards that don't exist - joke cards, although some might actually be playable. Download and try them out if you like.

Real cards, real people - ever wonder who poses for the pictures? Well, sometimes it's folks you know...

Easter eggs - hidden phrases and inside jokes on cards, boxes, and wrappers.

Burned-for-victory placeholder cards - sent in by Jan Malina, January 2003. Finally moved this to the long-threatened "player's aids" section in October 2003, but I'll keep the link here too.


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