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[posted 24 Oct 2003; updated 10 Jun 2011]

A collection of stuff that (in theory) helps you to play Shadowfist in some way...

Demo sheets - set of 4 sheets to help explain how to play Shadowfist: Card Anatomy, Card Types, Board Layout and Faction Map.

Burned-for-victory placeholder cards - sent in by Jan Malina, January 2003. Still cool, despite the Z-Man promo card released in August 2003 that does the same thing, and these are free!

Playmat - 1 Nov 2003, first attempt is ready for download! Let me know what you think.

Comprehensive errata spoiler - all the cards that have received errata, either in print or in a rulebook/FAQ/on-line ruling. Old text and new text shown side-by-side for reference. In HTML or PDF format.

Master list of reprints / play-as-printed / errata - a list of cards, in alphabetical order, that have been reprinted in some form or another. This just lists the card titles.

Master designator list - an alphabetical list of all designators, plus all the cards with each designator.

Sample games - these are intended to help new players get started, but you might find them useful as well.

How to build or expand a playgroup - based on an article I wrote for the Kii-Yaaah! newsletter in 2004

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