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[posted 19 Feb 2008; updated 12 Jul 2009]

What's in the set? - rarity, distribution by faction, and obligatory statistics
Nitpicker's Guide - errors big, small, and ludicrously small
Storyline summary - the story behind this set, summarized in a couple of paragraphs
Card list - opens in new window
Etc - whatever's left, random thoughts and comments, sometimes my opinions on this set or cards in it, and/or the State of Shadowfist at the time of this expansion

What's in Empire of Evil?

Empire of Evil is a booster-only expansion set planned for release sometime in 2009. The set has been playtested and the cards are in proofreading. Latest word as of late June 2009 is that the set will not be ready for GenCon 2009, but will likely be late August or early September.

Braz King provided a storyline summary on 3 Sep 2008 in the Shadowfist Forum (reposted below), and a full set of spoilers.

Other tidbits:

Mad Scientist will be reprinted as a promo card in this set, with the existing art. (Braz King 9 Jul 2008)

The rest of this article is just placeholders for now.

Booster packs contain 10 randomly assorted cards (retail $3.49 per pack); each display box contains 24 boosters ($65 direct from Shadowfist Games). The wrappers use the flimsy silvered material like Shaolin Showdown, but with full color printing. Card distribution seems to be similar to the previous 128 card sets: two boxes will get you 3-4 of each uncommon and 5-6 of each common, and you'll be short 3 or 4 rares but have enough extra to trade for the missing ones.

Critical Shift
















I didn't find a secret box or secret booster message. If you noticed one, please let me know.

Here's the breakdown by faction and by card type. The table on the left shows the overall breakdown (for new players), the table on the right shows the breakdown of the new cards only (for not new players). Apologies for the formatting of the table, but it's much smaller to plop an image in than write a table in HTML. Eventually I'll try out the CSS thing and redo all my tables...


Looking at this graphically may or may not help you, but I like it. Click either graph to see a larger version in a new window. These plots include errata and reprints.


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The Nitpicker's Guide: Empire of Evil


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Storyline Summary: Empire of Evil

Braz King posted a storyline summary to the Shadowfist Forum on 3 Sep 2008, reposted below. Read the original in the archives if you're a member.

* Xin Ji Yang unites her father, Xin Kai Sheng and the Centre of the Lotus, Gao Zhang in a plot to launch worldwide attacks in the ancient juncture. The key to her plan is an alliance by marriage to the Alabaster King, an underworld Demon King.

* The Lotus combines the Imperial Chinese army, an army of undead, sorcerers, and millions of demons into one unprecedented infernal army. Xin Ji Yang also solicits some aid from the Queen of the Darkness Pagoda in exchange for underworld-related favours.

* The King of the Thunder Pagoda finds out and sends forces to fight his sister... on principle.

* Using teleportation magic, the Lotus seizes key Feng Shui sites around the world and the chi begins to flow more strongly in its favour.

* Dragons, Guiding Hand, and Ascended supporters, operatives, and recruits unite to oppose the infernal army. A successful, temporary alliance is established in the ancient juncture.

* A new, mysterious Taoist master appears and defends the ancient sanctuaries.

* Three Jammer troublemakers, Andy Di, Johnny Amok, and Jayne Insane take advantage of the chaos to... create more chaos!

* The Lotus leadership falls just short of creating a Critical Shift when the allied opposition successfully defends the remaining Feng Shui Sites.

* At the wedding ceremony of Xin Ji Yang and The Alabaster King, Ji Yang executives her father and Gao Zhang and presents their heads to her new husband (who then sells them to Dr. Curtis Boatman in exchange for a "no hunting my demons" agreement and a shipment of Arcanowave weapons)

* Meanwhile, Purist researchers stumble onto a prophecy that foretells the end of the world! With their old leaders lost in a maze of mental mayhem, new doomsday cult leaders emerge from the sorcerer ranks. Whether they are trying to profit from the doomsday, prevent it, or hasten it is hard to tell.

* The Syndicate, having learned about the prophecy some time ago, continues its obsessive space program intent on leaving the Earth.

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Etc: Empire of Evil

Let's see what happens after it comes out. Initial reaction to the spoilers on the Shadowfist Forum has been positive.

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