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[posted 19 Jul 2003; updated 21 Dec 2007]

Haven't had time yet to improve this page, formatting needs a lot of work...

Card Lists and Database
Excel database
Master (comprehensive) card list - text and Excel

Plain text checklists for each set
Fancy PDF checklists
Plain text spoilers
Master (comprehensive) spoiler PDF
Proxy files PDF
Binder placeholders PDF
Master list of reprints

Design Notes
Foundation character design
How card art is created, and how it influences card design

Strategy and Other Articles
No-rares deck design
Top 10 dueling errors
Rule of Fives deck construction
Shadowfist Tactics: Iron and Silk
Top 10 Play Mistakes in Shadowfist

Too many to list :)

Basics for Newbies
What is a CCG?
Why you should play Shadowfist
How to get started in Shadowfist
Sample games
Deck construction 101 (your first deck)
Hints and tips for new players

Player's Help
Burned-for-victory placeholder cards
Comprehensive errata list
Master designator list

Tournament Stuff
Tournament Reports
Too many to list :)
Tournament Tools
Fillable PDF tournament flyer (hi-res graphics)
Excel tournament report form



Sets and Collector's Info
Overview with statistics
Details about each set
Promo info
Collector's FAQ
Shadowfist stuff that isn't cards

The backstory, lite version
Why Shadowfist and the Feng Shui RPG don't match
Who's Who among dead Shadowfist guys
The Year of the Dragon story, plus notes
The Throne War story, plus notes

Fun Stuff
Custom ("improved") Nine Cuts
Cards that don't exist
Evil Twin project (you, as a Shadowfist card)
Real People in Card Art
Hidden Text and Easter Eggs

Online Play

Shadowfist Links
Current (active) sites
Outdated (inactive) sites

Artist Links

Copyright info, etc.
Terms of Use
Privacy Policy

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