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[posted 15 Nov 2002; updated 4 Mar 2009]

I liked the idea that a card game could have a developing story behind it; seems like several people hit on that idea in the second-generation of collectible card games. The story element in Shadowfist as published by Daedalus was not particularly strong to start, but was getting stronger (several of the cards in Flashpoint had art designed specifically to show a piece of the story). Z-Man took it a step further and weaves a significant story element into the expansions, but until 2004 the story had no real effect on the game (unlike Legend of the Five Rings, for example). From January to November 2004, tournament results were tallied and the faction with the most wins during that period was accorded the "win" in the newly-opened Pulp juncture. The Dragons were the winners; that led to the Critical Shift that introduced the Syndicate in Shurikens and Six Guns as the new controllers of the future juncture.

I've collected information about the story and background of Shadowfist here. I'll add more as I find it, or feel free to submit your own!

The Backstory, Lite version - a summary of what's going on in the world of Shadowfist, aimed at new players. Who the factions are, and what they want. This was originally published on the Innocence website in 1997, but I've updated it to include the Purists, Seven Masters, and Shadow Syndicate.

Story Summaries - a synopsis of the plot of each expansion. Who did what to whom, and why. None of this is "official," but it shouldn't be too far off. Limited | Netherworld | Flashpoint | Year of the Dragon | Throne War | Netherworld 2 | Shaolin Showdown | Dark Future | Boom Chaka Laka | 10,000 Bullets | Red Wedding | Seven Masters vs. The Underworld | Two-Fisted Tales of the Secret War | Shurikens and Six Guns | Critical Shift

The Dead Pool - a list of characters who've died (or been significantly mangled :) in the course of the story. This is current through Seven Masters; the fiction for the later sets hasn't been published yet.

Shadowfist CCG vs. Feng Shui roleplaying game - why the Feng Shui story isn't quite the same as the Shadowfist story, but is still good background reading...

Operation Killdeer - the official story from Limited / Standard Edition. Since it's no longer hosted on, I'll do it.

Year of the Dragon fiction - the official story, and the story behind the story.

Throne War fiction - the official story, and the story behind that story, too.


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