Shadowfist Pictorial: GenCon 2000

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[posted 30 May 2003]

GenCon 2000 Pictorial, photos by Mike Nickoloff

Originally posted to the website in August 2000. Republished with permission. Comments from the original posting with additions by me but memory isn't so hot; please help me to fill in names if you remember (or appear in a photo!). Click on any image to see a larger version in a new window. Sorry for the huge page, I'll split it up someday and put the alt text in.

Who's Who

Zev shows off the Can of Whupass

Zev doing a Jimmy Wai, makin' deals all convention long

"Are you gonna buy that or what?" Paul Gerardi (right) in the booth with longtime California player Jeff Stolt

Extreme closeup of Rob Heinsoo, one of the original designers

Robin Laws (left) demonstrates his Furious Tiger Kung Fu on Zev's head

Zev and Paul in a Year of the Dragon grudge match

Stefan Vincent at the sealed deck tournament

Lissa Vincent hits the gong to start a tournament round


The booth

Paul Gerardi (right) sets up the booth while Brent Russell wonders if it would be ok to compliment Paul on his svelt figure.

In print at last! Year of the Dragon and Throne War in the booth.

Cans o' Whupass. loaded and ready.

Ever wonder what a case of cards looks like? Now you know.


Demos and Who Wants Some? in and around the booth

Eric Jome, On The Edge player of great renown, at the booth. Also of note is the back of Jan Malina's head (left, in baseball cap)

Eric Jome (right) throws down with Jason Rownd, 1998 multiplayer champion, while Jan Malina (far left) looks on.

Brian Fay (right), 1999 dueling finalist, does the Silver Band demo thing in the booth.

Joshua Deacon (right, foreground) and Jason Rownd playing Who Wants Some? games at the booth.

Spike Murphy (left), Jan Malina (center) and Joshua Duffin, opponents of the aforementioned Deacon and Rownd.

Brian"I'm letting them win" Fay. Sure you are, sure.

Spike Murphy (far right) and Scott Gardner (far left) demoing at the booth.

Brian "I'm still letting them win, dammit!" Fay (right).

Jason Rownd (right) plays John Seavey (left), author of several Feng Shui RPG titles.

The booth gets too crowded very quickly. Chris Kallas (center) playing Who Wants Some?.

Chris Kallas (right) throws down against Brian "No, I am not letting him win!" Fay.

Demo 24/7, it seemed like. This one was in a hotel conference room after the dealer's room closed. Newbie Diane Dybalski (left) went on to play in some tourneys.

Who Wants Some? and pickup games in the same hotel conference room. Paul Gerardi looks at the whupass coming his way from Glen Murie (right)

Paul Gerardi (right) hard at work demoing on day 2

Glen Murie (left) opens cards while Brent Russell (right) and Brian "I'm not losing today!" Fay (back) demo. Again.

Brian "Ok, I'm gonna lose, but it was 2 on 1!" Fay.

The demo tables were filled pretty much non-stop. We had to ask people to come back later...

Frank Bustamante (right), of Third World Games fame, throws down against Diane Dybalski.



Kelly the Whupass Girl


Kelly the Whupass Girl ready to walk the convention floor, offering her wares (uh, that didn't come out quite right).

Kelly working the crowd.

A can of whupass? You're kidding, right? Hunh. You're not kidding.

Cans only $2. No extra charge for the photo.

Yet another customer. Most people didn't care that it was Shadowfist, they just liked the concept.

Zev accumulated a lot of $1 bills that day.

Hmm, can you say? I've never tried whupass in a can before. How does it compare to the boxed variety?

Can of whupass? Bwah ha ha ha. I'll take one.

Heh heh. I'm going to open mine right now. Back off!.

Everyone needs a can or two.

Hey, this can is expired! Will you give me a discount?

'scuse me while I whip this out.

Why do the men only look at my cans? (sorry, that was tasteless, but that alone won't make me delete it :)

Diskwars player waits patiently to unleash his can of whupass.

Another customer eager to unleash the whupass.

Oh come on, of course you need another can.



Baptism of Fire (Sealed Deck) with Can of Whupass (Thursday)

Clockwise from left: Jan Malina, Joshua Deacon and Michael Jackson in round 1 of sealed deck

Clockwise from left: Ken Fischer, Wylie Rothstein (?), and Diane Dybalski in round 1 of sealed deck

Clockwise from left: Steve Valladolid, Ed Freedman (?), and Andrew Davidson in round 1 of sealed deck

In the foreground, clockwise from lower left: Matt Miller's nose, Mark Wheelhouse's hat, and John Seavey's arms in round 1 of sealed deck

Clockwise from left: Glen Murie, Scott Gardner and Spike Murphy in round 1 of the sealed deck tourney

Glen Murie (left) waits for the smackdown from Ed Freedman (?) while Joshua Deacon (right) plans for his shot

Mark Wheelhouse (left) and Michael Jackson in a later round of sealed deck



Throne War Multiplayer Championship Qualifier #1 (Friday)

"So, what's it going to be, Lotus boy?" Joshua Duffin planning an attack.

Matt "Why are you attacking me?" Widmann

Clockwise from lower left: Scott Gardner, Steve Valladolid, Mike Greenholdt (?) and Mark Wheelhouse's hat

Clockwise from lower left: Michael Jackson's hair, Matt Miller, Andrew Davidson, and Chris Kallas' shoulder

Clockwise from lower left: Jan Malina, Josh Kronengold, Jeff Boucher-Zamzo (?), and Ron (the elder) Wheelhouse. Note the sheer size of Ron's deck :)

Jan Malina is a blur of motion as he administers punishment to Joshua Duffin (upper left), Tor Swanson (lower right), and another guy whose name I don't remember.

Clockwise from left: Joshua Deacon, Josh Kronengold, Aaron Foss (?), and Jan Malina.

Clockwise from lower left: the back of Josh Kronengold's head, Anthony Botz (?), Glen Murie, and the back of Steve Horton's head.

Swiss style means winners play winners. Here we see Jan Malina say to Mark (the younger) Wheelhouse: "You think you and that hat can stop me?"

Yet another photo from Friday's TW qualifier. You should be able to recognize these people by now :)



Throne War Multiplayer Championship Qualifier #2 (Saturday)

Don't discount the hat. Mark Wheelhouse (left) on his way to undefeated victory.

Jason Rownd (left) telling Matt Widmann (center) and Jeff Boucher-Zamzo about what he gave up when he joined the Lotus.

A view of one of the two long tables. Mark Wheelhouse's hat in lower left, and David Smith's ear in lower right.

It's a tense moment as Chris Kallas (left) faces down his adversary whose name I have forgotten. Kris Heaver (right) putting the equal into equal opportunity buttkicking.

"Their kung fu is no match for my technology." Matt Miller shows his hand to the camera.

Matt Miller administering the whuppage to Stephen Muray (center) and unknown guy on the left.

Hmm. Attack, don't attack. Attack, don't attack. Aw heck, attack!

Jason Rownd (right) moves in against David Smith's Jammers (upper left).

Another table shot (bland description since I don't remember any of these folks names, sorry).

Ah, yet another table shot.


Year of the Dragon Sealed Deck Tournament (Saturday)

Brian Fay and Brent Russell finally get a chance to do something besides demos in the Year of the Dragon sealed deck tourney. Noel Montealegre and ? in the foreground.

From left to right, Will Glenn, Todd Luikart and Spike Murphy all administer early round spankings to their opponents in YotD sealed.

Elaine Ferraro goes with the theory that if she looks hard enough, one of these cards will change into something immediately useful.

On the right, Cy Myers (background) and David Perrey (foreground) on the way to winning their games.

Seated, from left: Cy Myers, Brent Russell and Austin Boz at the YotD sealed event.

Todd Luikart (far right) about to give Will Glenn one of his few losses. Next to Todd, Allen Hege puts the smack down with a Dragons deck.

The receiving end of the previous picture - from the left, Will Glenn, Spike Murphy, and James Hamblin.

James Hamblin (left) gleefully gives Todd Luikart his only loss during the Swiss rounds. David Perrey thinking hard about how to stop Allen Hege's onslaught.

The action was fast and furious at the non-winners table too.

James Hamblin, winner of the Year of the Dragon tourney, shows off his trophy and DVD selection


Throne War Championship (Saturday)

Clockwise from lower left: Mark Wheelhouse, Glen Murie, Ron Wheelhouse, Matt Widmann in the first round.

Clockwise from lower left: Joshua Duffin, Aaron Foss, Joshua Deacon, and Jan Malina in the first round.

Clockwise from lower left: David Smith, Scott Gardner, Tor Swanson and Matt Miller in the first round.

Clockwise from lower left: Josh Kronengold, Paul Heaver, Steve Valladolid and Michael Jackson in the first round.

Round 2. Note the fortune cookie fortunes inserted in the sleeves of Joshua Duffin's cards.

Early in Round 2

And again, more of round 2.

Round 3: everyone gets more serious, trying to secure that crucial 2nd win to get into the final round.

Round 3: but not too serious, this is Shadowfist after all...

Round 3: a little more serious at this table...

Multiplayer championship finalist Joshua Duffin

Multiplayer championship finalist Steve Valladolid

Multiplayer championship finalist David Smith

Multiplayer championship finalist Josh Kronengold

Steve Valladolid still has his game face on after his win.

post-game analysis. What could they have done to stop the winning attack?

Zev presents the trophy to Steve Valladolid, winner of the multiplayer tourney

Rather blurry closeup of the trophy given to Steve


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