Shadowfist Tournament Report: New York/New Jersey Championship 2010

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[posted 3 Mar 2012]

The NY/NJ State Championship usually runs at Dexcon, but that didn't happen in 2010. The event was held separately The winner was announced by Bruce Neiger in the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 30 Jul 2010 (read the original in the archive if you're a member).

NY/NJ State Championship (multiplayer, constructed):

Julian Lighton

Report from Bruce Neiger. Thanks!

New York / New Jersey State Championship 2010 report from Bruce Neiger

Originally published in the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 30 Jul 2010. Republished with permission. Members can read the original in the archive.

So, while it did not run at Dexcon, the NYC Dojo ran the NY / NJ State Championship last night. 6 warriors turned out to play

Myself : Dragons, Good Ole Boys, Big Bruiser, ITAYG, Dragon Goodstuff

Julian Lighton : Udated BRAIIINS (Real name is something along the lines of 'Eating Brains for the Greater Glory of the Lotus - speed Lotus with Walking Corpses, Evil Chanting, etc, and a very special King Of the Underworld)

Brian Smith-Sweeney : An Ad hoc deck Purist deck cobbled together from Dark Future boxes he had at work, plus some help from the guys at the game.

Chris Choi : Tower of Power with Ascended and stuff

Greg Scherzo : Classic Archie Abomination Deck

Josh Kronengold : There were large Monarch Things...

The prelims had Julian, Greg and I facing off at one table, and Josh, Chris and Brian at the other. Brian made quick work of his opponents, while it took Julian a fair bit longer to win against Greg and I.. there were many ebb and high tides in the game, with much point takeout, and much Ki yahhing of Julian's power.

The highlight of the finals was Julian being using King of the Underworld, after I intercepted, so that my ITAYGs were no longer useful...

Thus Julian stands as the official NY / NJ CHampionship, in an interesting finals. Fortunately, Julian fully intends to come and represent the NYC Dojo at Gencon.

In the repechage, Josh made short work of his opponents, and will (eventually) take home an uncut sheet generously provided by Daniel Griego for this purpose.

[writeup by Bruce Neiger]

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