Shadowfist Tournament Report: Smackdown in Jacktown 2009

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[posted 11 Feb 2010; updated 12 Feb 2010]

The 6th annual Smackdown in Jacktown tournament was held in Jackson, Michigan, on November 7, 2009. Braz King announced the winners in the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 10 Nov 2009. Members can read the original in the archive.

Shane Malec won the multiplayer tournament. The dueling tournament seems to have had multiple winners.

see the photos from Braz King

Thanks go to John Merrill and Greg Zimmerman for organizing and hosting the 6th annual Smackdown in Jacktown. The full-day event included a Final Brawl and a Duelling tournament.

We had 24 competitors in the Brawl with the Toronto, Chicago area and Bowling Green groups represented along with a big turnout of local players. As Charles' report stated, the final four were John, Allen Hege, Charles Soong and local unsung hero Shane... Who's last name I don't even know! Shane took the day with a classic Battlematic build.

Duelling was a cozy event with six players, one of whom was experimenting with an annoying FSS-less deck... Oh, that was me... Tim Linden and Charles Soong played off for the title while John and I played for 3 and 4, iirc. After beating me John realized that he had the same record as Tim and Charles so the three of them played off back at John's place and they each ended with the same record. So they played a three player with Charles somehow winning despite being quite tipsy by that point. I still think Tim officially won the duelling but it is confusing. :)

Thanks again to our organizers and all those who made the trip. What a fun day. And thanks to John for the accomodations and the hootch!


[writeup by Braz King]

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Charles Soong posted this summary to the Shadowfist Ontario mailing list. Braz King reposted it to the Shadowfist Forum on 9 Nov 2009. Members can read the original in the archive.

John's group has been recruiting very well, we had a turnout of 24 players for the smackdown. Greg was just running the event and didn't play, and James Dito(?) didn't show up.

At the final table was John Merill with a Monarch Hand deck, Allen Hage with a Monarch secret fire deck, Shane with a dedicated battlematic deck and me with a Monarch Dragon ice commando deck. 2 monarch split and a mono-monarch in the final, at least 6~7 ice blessings through the game, that speaks for itself.

Shane's deck was entirely built toward bumping battlematics, so he loaded the deck with 0 cost tech states and weapons, shurikens, disguise kit, electro gauntlet, such and such, enough that it's pretty common for him to drop his entire hand on turn 1. John had a Shaolin agent attacking Shane on turn 3 who immediately turned to 9 fight, the table spent a whole turn beating him to death. Overall the game lasted less than 2 hours as I remembered, every player made at least one push for victory. There was a turn when I was sitting at 2 feng shui sites and had a recent burn for power (too many monarchs on board to BFV). Allen revealed his only, unprotected hospital to heal a 9 damage battlematic and said it should come attack me, that was a little puzzling. Anyways, I was stopped for a push, and John didn't make a go for it, then Shane went and took the hospital for the win.

That makes for 6 years and 6 different winners, Shane was the only player at the final table who has not won a Smackdown before, and Braz joked about this being his year when the final began, turned out to be true.

Dueling was a lot less well attended, only 6 players (John, Eric, Greg, Tim, Braz and I), turns out to be a 3 way tie at the end with John, Tim and I all have 5-1 record. So we all played each other, Tim beat me who beat John who beat Tim. Then we had a 3 player game with our dueling decks, I won the game, though the details of which was a little sketchy to me because of Saturday night live on TV and drinking with Braz at the same time.

[write by Charles Soong]

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