Shadowfist Deck: 200 Owls with Hatchets and Aircraft Carriers by Michael Stadermann

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[posted 1 July 2010]

Originally posted to the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 31 May 2010 by Michael Stadermann. Republished with permission. If you're a member of the group, you can read the original in the archive

Michael Stadermann won the 2010 California Championships Final Brawl tournament at Kublacon 2010 using this deck.


200 Owls with Hatchets and Aircraft Carriers
by Michael Stadermann (70 cards)

2 Jade Wheel Society
5 Black Helicopter Squad
5 Gangsters
1 Hammer Harrison
5 Wisdom of the Owl
2 Manchu Bureaucrat
1 Eastern King
1 Raven Li
1 Louie the Roach
1 Yen Song
1 The Man
1 Draco
1 Adrienne Hart
1 Unspoken Name (CS)
1 Rachel McShane
1 Texas Jack Cody
2 Shadowy Mentor
3 200 Guys with Hatchets and Ladders
2 Everything Falls Apart
3 Bull Market
3 Moonlight Raid
1 Hydrophobia
1 Roar of the Beast
2 Cry of the Forgotten Ancestor
4 Operation Killdeer
2 Habbakuk
1 Realpolitik
1 Bite of the Jellyfish
3 Hydroponic Garden
3 City Park
2 Festival Circle
1 Temple of the Angry Spirits
1 Sacred Heart Hospital
1 Temple of Celestial Mercy
1 Petroglyphs
1 LaGrange Four
1 Nine Dragon Temple
1 Whirlpool of Blood

The deck is based around many small synergies and the general idea that you will be able to spend power faster than your opponents, or punish them when they do spend power.

At the deck's core, there is Habbakuk with Wisdom of the Owl: 3 Fighting + ability for 1 power? Yes, please! 200 Guys amplifies the problem: you typically get to return more Fighting than the opponent puts into play, and Uniques are still the major way of getting lots of Fighting into play. If the opponents don't play Uniques, there's less that stands in the way of your own many Uniques, many of which are boosted by Habbakuk. Habbakuk, in turn, can be played for free by the Hydroponic Garden. I went for a variety of Uniques instead of doubling up so that I can have as many in play as possible (and have had up to 4 of them in play at the same time before). The small Uniques are there to get the Heli Squads to attack as early as possible, and The Man lets you play more weenies from the power you get from joining attacks with Everything Falls.

The general strategy is to discard aggressively until you get enough resource characters to play Bull Market. Drop the 200 Guys with its protector, the Bureaucrat, to avoid mishaps. Everything Falls Apart lets you further ramp power by joining attacks as often as possible. Play all your weenies to get good card flow. The Owls boost your hand size and Habbakuk adds extra draw, so it's not unusual to have a hand of 10-15 cards. Cry is a necessity in a deck with so many Lodge characters, and Roar also deals with major problems in a pinch. Keep up your pressure on the opponents. You can fight the entire table once the deck is rolling, so make them play those Uniques.

Things to change: it turns out that the City Parks are pretty useless. People expect you to have a Bite, and with all the power you've been feeding them, they'll be really hesitant to do anything but seize. Martyr's Tomb should replace at least on of them. Typing it all up, I also notice the deck is somewhat under-resourced, but that hasn't been a problem so far.

[writeup by Michael Stadermann]

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