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[posted 12 Aug 2005; updated 16 Sep 2011]

Inner Kingdom Games (Daniel Griego) announced on the Shadowfist Forum on 1 Jul 2009 that the OmniFAQ is "no longer canon" and has been replaced by the new rulebook. The OmniFAQ is no longer available from

This page holds Shadowfist FAQs new and old, collected for reference. Inner Kingdom Games replaced all prior FAQs with their new rulebook as of 31 July 2009. Shadowfist Games called their comprehensive FAQ the "OmniFAQ", which included general rules questions and card-by-card rulings. Z-Man Games also published individual set FAQs when a new set was released; these were incorporated into the OmniFAQ on its next revision.

If you need a rulebook, Inner Kingdom Games published their rulebook [] on 31 July 2009 and has updated it a couple of times since then; that link will take you to the latest version. Inner Kingdom Games does not publish a FAQ. no longer hosts the older rulebooks, but you can download them here if you need them.

Year of the Dragon rulebook [713kB PDF]
10,000 Bullets rulebook [407kB PDF]

The older FAQs are collected below for posterity. Remember that all FAQs below are obsolete as of July 2009.

Individual set FAQs
other Z-Man FAQs (pre-OmniFAQ) - rulings changes, card by card rulings, etc.
Collector's FAQ (links to another page on this site)
Daedalus FAQs


The last version of the OmniFAQ was dated 10 August 2007. It's no longer available for download from Julian kindly provided the original text file used to generate that PDF, and I have run it through the same basic formatting as previous versions. The .doc file is in 2-column format, which collapses it to "only" 98 pages (if you have good eyes, grab the zipped Word version and shrink the font size even more).

10 Aug 2007 OmniFAQ (last issued version):
.txt version, 387 kB (I wouldn't print this one :)
PDF version, 330 kB, 98 pages (2 columns with formatting)
zipped Word .doc version, 153 kB, 98 pages (the basis for the PDF file above)

And just in case they are useful to you, here are some older OmniFAQ versions:

22 Jun 2005 OmniFAQ:
.txt version, 341 kB (I wouldn't print this one :)
PDF version, 562 kB, 88 pages (2 columns with formatting)
zipped Word .doc version, 138 kB, 88 pages (the basis for the PDF file above)

8 Jul 2004 OmniFAQ:
.txt version, 313 kB
PDF version, 543 kB, 84 pages (2 columns with formatting)
zipped Word .doc version, 121 kB, 84 pages (basis of the PDF file)

28 Dec 2003 OmniFAQ ("beta" version):
.txt version, 327 kB
PDF version, 561 kB, 87 pages (2 columns with formatting)
zipped Word .doc version, 145 kB, 87 pages (basis of the PDF file)

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Individual Set FAQs

Old versions of the set-by-set FAQs published by Z-Man Games (these have all been subsumed into the OmniFAQ), newest to oldest. All are text files that open in new windows.

Shurikens and Six Guns, 23 July 2006, 15 kB. Also available with some basic formatting in zipped .doc (10 kB) and PDF (42 kB) formats.

Two-Fisted Tales of the Secret War, 29 Nov 2004, 16 kB

Seven Masters vs. The Underworld, 3 May 2004, 20 kB

Red Wedding, 13 Jul 2003, 23 kB

10,000 Bullets - I don't have a FAQ for 10kB, and I'm not sure that one existed. If you saved it, please send it in. Thanks!

Boom Chaka Laka, 28 Jun 2002, 16 kB

Dark Future, 11 May 2002, 22 kB (this is the final updated version. I don't have the earlier version)

Shaolin Showdown, 24 Aug 2001, 20 kB

Netherworld 2, 16 Apr 2001, 14 kB

Throne War & Year of the Dragon did not have individual set FAQs - see the general rulings below.

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Other Z-Man FAQs (pre-OmniFAQ)

General Information FAQ, 8 Apr 2001, 17 kB

Rulings FAQ, 16 Apr 2001, 46 kB (includes Throne War and Year of the Dragon card rulings)

Rules Changes, 8 Apr 2001, 32 kB (changes from Daedalus to Year of the Dragon rules)

Rulings FAQ, Aug 2003, 5 kB (the infamous CB Radio/Kinoshita House ruling, plus ruling on moving states)

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Daedalus-era FAQs:

FAQ 5 was the last Daedalus FAQ, published at the time of the Players' Guide in late 1996 (and is in theory the same as what appears in the Player's Guide Chapter 5, although I haven't tried to compare it in detail).
.txt version, 62 kB
PDF version, 68 kB

Note that the reference in FAQ 5 to "Chapter 4" is not to a section of the FAQ, but to Chapter 4 of the Players' Guide. In other words, the FAQ as released doesn't include everything! Here are the missing card by card rulings for your reference:
.txt version, 68 kB
PDF version, 85 kB

And here are some older versions of the Daedalus FAQ:

Version 4.5, April 1996, in .txt format, 62 kB

Version 4.0, December 1995, in .txt format, 47 kB, or PDF format, 53 kB

Netherworld Mini-FAQ, December 1995, in .txt format, 6 kB

Version 3.0, September 1995, in .txt format, 39 kB

I don't have a full copy of any FAQ before version 3. If you do, please send it to me. Thanks!

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