Shadowfist Collector's FAQ

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[posted 12 Jan 2003; updated 1 Mar 2009]

Download the current Shadowfist collector's FAQ, PDF, 32 pages, 947 kb [v3, 1 Mar 2009]

About time, huh? The Collector's FAQ is now updated through Critical Shift, and I've added scans of cards and other stuff as well. I'd like to get a picture of everything in here eventually - I'd appreciate it if you can send me a scan or photo of any of the items where I don't yet have a photo posted.

Pending additions for the next version:
- waiting for release of Empire of Evil

Version history:
1.0 compiled for Z-Man Games, and posted on the Shadowfist website Apr 17, 2001.
2.0 compiled for myself, since it needed to be updated :) Posted here on Jan 12, 2003.
2.0.1 corrected typos and a few minor additions due to Mike Nickoloff's sharp eyes. Posted here Jan 13, 2003.
3.0 massive update to catch up to Critical Shift. Photos of almost everything included now. Posted here 1 Mar 2009.


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