Help and Information for the New Shadowfist Player

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> Shadowfist Newbie Help
[posted 18 Apr 2003; updated 20 Nov 2006]

If you're new to Shadowfist, or Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games in general, this is the place to start. Actually, the place to start is the rulebook, but after you read that once, the stuff here should be useful :)

What is a CCG / TCG ? - Have no idea what the heck a CCG is to begin with? Read this first.

Why should you be playing Shadowfist? - a very brief look at the game's strengths (and weaknesses)

Overview of Shadowfist - take a quick tour of the game, including a quick-start guide to the rules

Ok, you're convinced you need to play Shadowfist. Where do you start? - how to get into the game with maximum fun for minimum dollars (or whatever your currency may be :)

Sample Games - we had to cut most of the sample game from the Year of the Dragon rulebook. So I made some new ones, using 10,000 Bullets decks.

Help, My Kung Fu Is Weak! - basic hints and tips to improve your game play

Deck Construction 101 - advice for your first attempt to build a Shadowfist deck of your own, with examples based around two copies of a preconstructed starter

Deck Construction 102 - more detailed advice for free-form deckbuilding

Glossary - general game-related terms get thrown around a lot, and you're supposed to nod sagely as if you understand what they mean. Now, you can both nod and understand. Not the same list as in the rulebook.

The Shadowfist Backstory, Lite version - a summary of what's going on in the world of Shadowfist, aimed at new players. Who the factions are, and what they want. This was originally published on the Innocence website in 1997, but I've updated it to include the Purists, Seven Masters, and Shadow Syndicate. Go to the story page if you want more depth.


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