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[posted 4 Mar 2003; updated 15 Jan 2011]

There is a fair amount of interest in playing Shadowfist online, but there currently is no stable and popular place to play. Anil Das-Gupta took the initial plunge to make an Apprentice patch for Shadowfist in 2003 but it hasn't been updated with any sets after 10,000 Bullets. CCG Workshop was very popular while it lasted, 2003-2007 or so, RIP. A LackeyCCG port showed up in 2008 but never seemed to gather much steam. Cardtable has been available for years but it seems to have faded away.

Apprentice patch for Shadowfist - a modification to the Apprentice online play program for Magic: The Gathering, put together by Anil Das-Gupta. It's hosted in the Shadowfist-UK yahoogroup [, 15 Jan 2011] but you have to be a member to access it there. Mirrored here with his permission. Thanks Anil! Database is current through 10,000 Bullets (~2002)

Cardtable database for Shadowfist - Beta version of the database using some image thumbnails plus "generic" template thumbnails for the rest is now available. Cardtable interests me more than Apprentice because it supports thumbnail graphics, but it'll be a while before I have all the thumbnails ready. Working on it :)

CCG Workshop [, gone] (Gatling Engine) was fun while it lasted. Julien Ginther put a lot of effort into Shadowfist on CCG Workshop, but the server has disappeared with no prospects for returning.

LackeyCCG [, 15 Jan 2011] - A generic card-playing engine similar to Cardtable but using a central server and has multiplayer support (and has the advantage that it is actively being worked on :) Download the engine from their website, then you have to download the Shadowfist files separately as a plugin. Go here [, 15 Jan 2011] for a tutorial on how to download a plugin (it's for Magic, but just think "Shadowfist" where it says "Magic").

Shadowplay [, 15 Jan 2011] - an open-source project hosted at SourceForge that never got off the ground. It's still listed, but has had no activity for many years.

Ape City Online [, 15 Jan 2011] - another open-source project hosted at SourceForge. A little splash in February 2008, then nothing beyond naming it.


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