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[posted 24 May 2003; updated 15 Jan 2011; links checked 15 Jan 2011]

Jan 2011: I have stopped updating the Cardtable files - I haven't used it in years, and no one has requested anything about it for more than 5 years. If you are still using it, let me know and I'll put it back on the to-do list.

Shadowfist for Cardtable sample screenshotCardtable is a Windows-based program for playing card games on-line. Its main advantage over Apprentice is that it allows thumbnail graphics for the cards, which is great once you get them all scanned :) I'm working on a set of files for Shadowfist, and here's where I stand:

Current version: 2009_03_16 [9.3 MB zip]

The big FAQ [version 0.2, 289 kb PDF]

Updates for older betas:
sorry! There are no updates for the older beta versions. I had to change the thumbnail file naming convention to work with the large number of reprinted promos, so you will have to download the whole thing and replace your card files.

Cardtable was originally developed to play Decipher's Star Wars CCG on-line, but it has branched out into a large number of current and past CCGs. You can download the program here, [domain has been poached as of 20 Feb 2008. Direct links still work though: current windows executable, what's new page, and current windows beta download] and get other game files here. There are also several discussion groups hosted on Yahoo, the one to check first is evelchriis. I am currently messing around with version 1.13 beta. [links checked 15 Jan 2011]

version 2009_03_16 includes a database current through Critical Shift, playmat and counters. Thumbnails are included for all Z-Man sets up to and including Critical Shift(and promos), plus Flashpoint. All eight decks from 10,000 Bullets are included as samples.

NOTE: None of these zip files includes the Cardtable program, it's just the Shadowfist game files. Download and extract to your C:\cardtable directory, it should put the stuff in the right place. If not, or you want to do it manually, check the mini-FAQ below for the quick story, or the full FAQ for lots of details.

If you choose the incremental updates instead, replace your old .CDF file with the new one, and put the thumbnail folders under /cardtable/cards/shadowfist/. (replace the old /promo folder with the new one).

If you have a version older than 072803, you should download the whole thing again, and overwrite the existing files. The new .CDF is set to use the thumbnail image paths where they exist, and the generic images where they don't. Any old deck lists will continue to use the generic thumbnails unless you recreate the deck using the new .CDF to access the new images (sorry, it's how the program works...)

If you wandered here and don't know the Shadowfist rules but would like to learn, start with the how to play page on [15 Jan 2011]. You can download the full rulebook from there too.

Shadowfist for Cardtable playmat by AazhAazh contributed a nifty playmat that loads as a background image. It's included with the full zip file above. If you already have an older CDF, you can download the playmat only [204k zip], unzip and put it in your \cardtable directory (or make a subdirectory if you like). Load it using the Options menu after you start Cardtable (see the FAQ if you want more instructions than that).

Stuff on the to-do list:
- remove duplicate identical cards from the CDF (I plan to retain original and errata versions of cards, just in case somebody wants to play Limited-only or something like that)
- finish Netherworld thumbnails (about 8% scanned.)
- finish Limited thumbnails (about 2% scanned.)

- update the FAQ

Mini-FAQ 18 Sep 2003

Cardtable is picky about where files end up. I've zipped them with their paths intact, but in case that doesn't work, here's where they should go:

   \backs [all card back gifs go here, no subfolders]
      \counters      [files that define colored "stones"]
         \{set name} [one directory for each set, contains the gifs for that set. Templates are in \generic]
      \shadowfist [deck lists .CTDs go here]
      \shadowfist [master card file .CDF goes here]

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