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[posted ~Jun 2002; updated 2 Mar 2013]
[last complete link check 7 Jul 2012; next scheduled link check Jul. 2013]

A listing of links that may or may not be useful to you, and why. Most Shadowfist websites have been idle since Daedalus faded in 1998, but a few are still alive. The date in square brackets is the last time I checked that particular link. If you find a broken link, please let me know. All links open in a new browser window.

Official Shadowfist Home Page - as of mid-2009, run by Inner Kingdom Games. Card lists, rulebook, official fiction, FAQs, details on the Power for Promos program, online store and a lot more. The place to start if you are looking for Shadowfist info on the web. [7 Jul 2012]

For rules questions, use: - as of February 2009, Shadowfist rulings are now handled by a 3-person rules team (Andy Holt, Joshua Kronengold, Michael Stadermann). Email your questions to the team, or post to the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups mailing list, which is nice so other people can see your question and the response, too. Just remember to put [RULES] at the start of your subject line so the team can easily find your questions.

For discussion/forums, use:
The Shadowfist Forum discussion list on Yahoogroups is the most active discussion (you can read this as a feature-limited web-based forum instead of getting emails, if you have a Yahoo login ID). The Hub hosted a web forum, but Shadowfist Games let the Hub lapse when they took over in 2007. [7 Jul 2012]

A Shadowfist Reddit page started in Aug.2012 and has about 20 people participating. After the Yahoo Forum it's the next most active Shadowfist discussion. [2 Mar 2013]

A Shadowfist Facebook page was started by Jim Sensenbrenner in Sep.2009. Occasional wall posts but no discussion posts since 2010. Inner Kingdom Games started an official Shadowfist Facebook page in Feb.2011 and it has been updated reasonably regularly since. [7 Jul 2012]

Inner Kingdom Games was bleating on Twitter under the name Shadowfist_CCG starting in Sep.2009 but the account disappeared in mid-2010. They ran a couple of trivia contests in late 2009 offering promos as prizes, but that appears to be done. In Dec.2009 they started a new account IKTV_News_Rprts for bits of the backstory, but it's pretty lame so far (no offense guys :) and last tweet was Oct.2010. [7 Jul 2012]

In June 2003, a community started at Livejournal, so you've got that option if you prefer the blog-ish style of Livejournal but it's not active - no actual discussion since Sep.2007 or so, basically postings from two stores about their upcoming tournaments, the last of which was Sep.2011. [7 Jul 2012]

There is a lightly active forum at BoardGameGeek, with a few posts in April 2012 after a two-year dry spell. [7 Jul 2012]

The Usenet newsgroup was the old favorite back in the Daedalus days, but today, it's just advertisements, no real discussion of any games. You need a newsreader of some kind to access it, or browse using Google. [7 Jul 2012]

For trading, use:
Shadowfist trading list on Yahoogroups - Jeroen Van Gestel administers the official Shadowfist trading list. Traffic is very low between sets but spikes up a bit when a new set comes out. Or try the former hangout for traders, on Usenet, just be aware that there hasn't been a Shadowfist posting in over three years (after a 4-year dry spell...). Again, you'll need a newsreader, or browse it using Google. [7 Jul 2012]

mahasamatman allows you to post have/want lists, search other folks' lists for matches and has a feedback system; it's currently got 6 people in the Shadowfist section (24 in Sep.04, 16 in Jul.05, 13 in Sep.06, 14 in Jan.07, 13 in May.07, 15 in Nov.07, 13 in May.08, 11 in Oct.08, 9 in Mar.09, 4 in Oct.09, 5 in Feb.10, 9 in Jul.10, 9 in Jan.11, 5 in Sep.11, 6 in Jul.12), but some of the lists are pretty big so maybe you'll be lucky :) [7 Jul 2012]

TradeCardsOnline opened a Shadowfist section in May 2005. Post your have/want lists and search for matches. Some of the features require registration, so I didn't try it all out, but if you just want to look for one card at a time you can do that without registering. Also has a forum and a place to post decks, the forum is silent but a few decks were posted in 2009. A couple of people listed as "wanting" cards. Card lists available through Empire of Evil. [7 Jul 2012]

For online purchase, use:
It's getting very hard to find Shadowfist. Shadowfist Games' more or less direct sales technique has apparently alienated a lot of retailers, and there isn't a lot of demand anyway. And when you finally find a place with stock, it's usually not a wide selection.'s online store offers the reprinted Seven Masters vs. The Underworld boxes, plus singles and promos and doodads like mouse pads and T-shirts, but no older stock. Z-Man Games' online store (sorry, no direct link) apparently is no longer offering Shadowfist. And there's eBay, where you'll sometimes find boxes and collections available for sale (some folks sell singles soon after a set is released, but that drops off pretty quick).

If you prefer a mail-order retailer, there are two I'm aware of:

Potomac Distribution - Sterling, Virginia, USA. As of Sep.2011, has only Netherworld (really!), Netherworld 2, Boom Chaka Laka, Shurikens & Six Guns, Critical Shift, Dark Future (reprint), and Empire of Evil in stock.

House Atriedes - Essex, UK. I haven't ordered from them, but they're the only place selling singles besides the limited stock at

[in Nov.2007, I dropped J&B Cards, since they haven't updated their website in 2007 and apparently aren't stocking Shadowfist. JCE Cards disappeared from the web early in 2008, and his eBay store is gone now too. Ditto, their site is gone and their eBay store hasn't had activity since June 2007.] [7 Jul 2012]

For deck lists, use:
The lists here at (about 180 decks) are currently the largest available in one spot. The Hub had many many more but it does not appear to be coming back ever, and the folks at Inner Kingdom Games haven't done anything with the content. A lot of the fan sites have their own deck lists as well, some of which are outdated but still good (or easily returned to full power with a few of the latest cards). Check the descriptions of each site below. [7 Jul 2012]

For collection organizers , use:
Allen Hege swears by Card Vault. The service includes thumbnail pictures of a lot of the cards.
Andy Holt suggested Battleplanner. The Shadowfist module is "fan supported" as opposed to "battleplanner supported", for whatever that's worth.
[7 Jul 2012]

Gaming Industry sites:

Flying Tricycle - Kirby and Kasey make all sorts of nifty toys for CCGs and other games. For Shadowfist, they sell acrylic counters for each faction including the Purists and Seven Masters. Syndicate isn't listed on the web site, but word on the street from GenCon says they do have Syndicate counters, just ask. Check them out! [11 Mar 2009; not responding 17 Oct 2009, 5 Feb 2010, or 2 Jul 2010 so I've deleted the link, looks like they're gone...]

Atlas Games - the Atlas folks picked up and revived the Feng Shui roleplaying game, which is based on the same source material as Shadowfist (it's not exactly the same, but that's a subject for an entire page of its own :) [7 Jul 2012]

Cheapass Games - check out the Ting Ting deck for Brawl. It's only available from Cheapass via Paizo Press, you can't get it in retail stores. [7 Jul 2012]

Fan sites:

These sites are listed in roughly the order that they impressed me. Recently updated sites end up near the top. I've moved all the old links — sites that haven't been updated in more than a year, and sites that are only retrievable using the Internet Archive — to a separate page. There is still some interesting stuff there if you're in need of reading material, and unfortunately almost all of the Shadowfist sites qualify for it now because it's been so long since the last new card set but I can't bring myself to move everything to the old links...

Shadowfist Card Search Engine - Will Wagner's search engine is now hosted and maintained by Eric Lui. Current through Empire of Evil. Last update 5 Jan 2010. [7 Jul 2012]

Shadowfist Secret HQ - Administered by John Castellucci with contributions from the other San Francisco Bay Area players. Lots of work went into this - card-by-card reviews(!), some strategy articles, a good variety of deck lists (including several that have won the major tournaments at GenCon), and an entire fan expansion called Revenge of the Seven Masters. Updated through Empire of Evil. Last update 30 Dec 2009. [7 Jul 2012]

Mo Monkeys - general discussion site set up by Chris Michels, among other things to help coordinate on-line play on Lackey CCG. Last post in April-ish 2012. [7 Jul 2012]

Shadowfist on BoardgameGeek - Brief overview of the game, a message board, some links, trading and selling cards, player reviews and comments, and more. This site covers oodles of other games too. [7 Jul 2012]

Roar of the Beast - Jim Sensenbrenner posts deck lists and other thoughts to his blog. Last update Mar.2012 [7 Jul 2012]

Scott Shen's Shadowfist page - another Card Search Engine (current through Empire of Evil), deck lists (about a half-dozen), plus Java code for messing with cards. Last update in Jan.2010. [7 Jul 2012]

General Descriptions:

Wikipedia Shadowfist entry - the formerly brief description has been filled out quite a bit. Last content edit Nov.2007, multiple minor edits since then. [5 Sep 2011]

Timewaster's Guide Shadowfist entry - a bit longer than the Wikipedia article, but dated since the release of Shurikens and Six-Guns. Feb.2005. Also a detailed multi-part review of Two-Fisted Tales (link to part 1). Mar. 2005. [22 Jan 2011; site has only a message that is has been hacked in Sep.2011 and Jul.2012, looks like this is not coming back...]


Shadowfist reviews and blurbs, but no other game content. Preserved for posterity.

Links to reviews are on their own page now...

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