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[posted 18 Jul 2003; updated 12 Mar 2011]
[last complete link check 12 Mar 2011; next scheduled link check Mar 2012]

A listing of Shadowfist links that at one time or another were active, but haven't been updated in a year or more (sometimes a lot more :) The date in square brackets is the last time I checked that particular link. If you find a broken link, please let me know. All links open in a new browser window.

Innocence - Bryant Durrell's site was the premiere fan site (and de facto official site, since it had way more content) during the Daedalus era. Bryant closed up shop with a sad farewell in November 2001, but you can still download the contents of his site in a zip file. It's current through Flashpoint, and there's a lot of good stuff buried in there. If you'd like to see it before you download, it's been mirrored by Chris Turner on mraaktagon [12 Mar 2011]. Deck lists, tournament reports, strategy articles, tons of stuff! Flashforward to early 2000s: turns out that Bryant started playing again, he made one last update to the entry page of the site in mid 2003, but doesn't plan to add anything new (and hasn't, in the last 8 years :) [12 Mar 2011]

Carlo Brozzo's Shadowfist Collector page - card lists through Critical Shift in PDF, also promo info. [12 Mar 2011]

Dave Van Domelen's Shadowfist Page - the silly card lists, now including Two-Fisted Tales! Plus some of Dave's fiction and other officially published Shadowfist material. Last update 15 Nov 2005. [12 Mar 2011]

Crystal Keep - Shadowfist - Stephen D'Angelo's site, with his famous PDF card lists (you need Acrobat Reader to use them) plus basic information about the sets. Current through 10,000 Bullets; Stephen didn't responded to emails about when they might be updated. Last update 10 May 2003 [12 Mar 2011]

Hafhead's Hole: Shadowfist - Tony Hafner's site includes an overview of the story, some decks (through N2), promo info (through SS), and collector's info on the sets (through N2). Last update 6 Mar 2002 [12 Mar 2011]

Open Directory Project: Shadowfist - list of links maintained by volunteers on DMOZ. Woefully out of date for years, it was finally updated 9 Oct 2002. Dead links are gone; it's actually useful again, although everything there is here too, and more :) [12 Mar 2011]

Brad & Gretchen's Shadowfist Page - Brad Solberg's site lists some kick-butt decks from yesteryear. His Blood and Destruction deck is still worth a look, especially if you're new to the tournament scene and want to see how to build a deck. Last updated June 1997. [12 Mar 2011]

Randall Gee's Shadowfist Page - Randall's site was last updated in 1997. He compiled unofficial errata to the Daedalus Player's Guide, and has spoiler lists in ASCII, postscript and PDF formats, through Flashpoint. [12 Mar 2011]

USC Deckmasters Shadowfist page - Mike Nickoloff's first Shadowfist appearance :) Archive of rulings, Daedalus FAQ 4.5, card lists and spoilers. Last updated 1996. [12 Mar 2011] And if you're looking for Mike, he's busy running Third World Games these days, with Frank Bustamante.

Merlin's Shadowfist page - Earl Miles' page lists four decks. Last updated 1999. [12 Mar 2011]

Open source online Shadowfist - another project that didn't really get off the ground [12 Mar 2011]

Other stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else:

Just like it says :) I'll move this to its own page if I accumulate a bit more...

A long interview with Zev on BoardGameGeek in August 2005, mostly focusing on his boardgames of course, but interesting nonetheless. [12 Mar 2011]

Robin Laws' classic quote about historical accuracy (or lack thereof) in Shadowfist on 16 Nov 1996, via Google. [12 Mar 2011]

"Shadowfist's version of Chinese history is wildly inaccurate, and deliberately so. We want to cram all sorts of cool images and folk heroes into a couple of junctures. In the world of Shadowfist, the 69 juncture contains elements from many different eras."

Jose Garcia describes how Daedalus runs playtesting on 6 Nov 1996, via Google [12 Mar 2011]

Gamer's Choice Awards - Shadowfist won an RPGA Gamer's Choice award at GenCon in 1996. I haven't found a website with any detail yet, but you can read Jose Garcia's post about it on Usenet using Google. [12 Mar 2011]

Zombie Awards- Shadowfist won a Zombie Award [http://www.zombieawards.org/] in 2000 for being the best card game rescued from the Chinese Hell of No Longer Published Games. It appears that there was no award in 2001, or 2002. Oh well. (last update in 2001; last active on 16 July 2002; site is gone as of 24 Oct 2002 but you can read the archive.) [12 Mar 2011]

Fan Sites that have disappeared entirely:
I list these for completeness, because there are a lot of dead links to these sites out there. I found some of them using the Internet Archive, [archive.org, 5 Feb 2010] and include links to the latest archive I found, in case you are interested in history. David Eber's site was well worth a visit while it was active, but now it's apparently gone forever, even the Archive no longer has a copy.

The Hub - Mark Knapp's site, nicely done and current through Shurikens & Six-Guns. Deck builder, deck search, forums, card database, and trading lists (have/want). This was *the* place to post/harvest decks. Updated 17 May 2007. In July 2007, Mark announced that administration of the Hub was shifting to Shadowfist.com; the site registration has lapsed and the Hub is offline. The web folks at Shadowfist.com say the Hub code is too insecure to run, and they don't have time to fix it. [11 Mar 2009]

The Fortress of Shadow - David Eber's former site is even gone from the Internet Archive now. David joined Z-Man Games' design team in 2000, and stopped updating his site. In 2004, Kevin Chase revived the Feng Shui RPG content, minus the Shadowfist stuff at David's request, and planned to add new content but nothing new since the end of 2004. [12 Mar 2011]

Scythe's Shadowfist - Jacob Skytte's site has combos, decks, some card-by-card analysis, a description of the Shadowfist backstory, and the state of Shadowfist in Denmark. Last updated 8 Aug 2007, through Critical Shift. [24 Nov 2007; not responding May 2008 - Jacob emailed to say his host is no longer hosting, but he expects to be back in the web in September 2008 but that hasn't happened]

Theatre of Noise: Shadowfist - Robin Parmar's former site has promo information, card set reviews, deck listings (15 or so), and some strategy articles, plus the "rules that screw up newbies" list (look under "Secrets of the Masters"). He still has a live site at the original address, but all it says is essentially, "Sorry, no Shadowfist here." Last update May 2004. [5 Feb 2010]

Greg Torrence's page - good source of stuff from the Daedalus era. Nice gifs of the faction symbols, Daedalus FAQ 5, strategy tips, card lists and spoilers, designator encyclopedia, and a small section on Hong Kong cinema. Last update 8 Oct 1997. [5 Feb 2010]

Andrew Davidson's Shadowfist Pages - Andrew has been playing 'fist forever :) He's still busy organizing tournaments and playtesting in the UK, and shows up to kick butt at conventions in the US on a regular basis. His website hasn't been updated since 1998, but it does have some photos of Daedalus Throne War art that disappeared into the Netherworld when Daedalus folded. [Compuserve shut down in June 2009; archive gives 'data retrieval failure' on 12 Mar 2011]

Brian Bankler's card strategy - Brian posted a semi-regular card strategy write-up to the newsgroup and Yahoogroups forum for a while in 2003. See the archive of his postings here on his website. The last posting was Feb.26, 2003; Brian has a blog now, but I can't find the old cards of the week writeup there, so this link goes to the Internet Archive. [12 Mar 2011]

Kelanen's Shadowfist - Jonathan Challis' site includes strategy articles, a story article, deck lists, a trade list, and info on UK tournaments. Current through Boom Chaka Laka; news and trades updated 17 Sep 2002. The site disappeared in spring 2006, and is available through the Internet Archive. [disclaimer: I wrote two of the articles on Jonathan's site. I've updated one and posted it here.] [12 Mar 2011]

BuroMil HQ - Shay Bockmann's Shadowfist site is tiny, but contains some classic, killer decks from the Daedalus era. "The Man" is worth a good close look for anyone who duels. Last update 1997? [12 Mar 2011]

Richard Weld's Shadowfist review page - Richard's review of Shadowfist, plus card lists through Boom Chaka Laka and promos. Richard's site is a huge resource for CCGs of all kinds, although as of May 2003, he's no longer updating it, and as of Dec.2007, it's been replaced with a "nothing to see here" page, so this links to the Internet Archive. [12 Mar 2011]

DarkBlade's Fortress - Martin Van Woudenburg's website has disappeared, but you can find it using the Internet Archive. Decks and combos through Flashpoint. [12 Mar 2011]

Paul Jacobus' website is gone (the ISP seems to be gone, too). Looks like he moved it here, but none of the Shadowfist links work. The old site is still accessible using the Internet Archive, scroll about halfway down the page. He collected a series of essays written by Jose Garcia back in 1996 that are still good reading today. [5 Feb 2010; archive gives 'data retrieval failure' on 12 Mar 2011]

Alex Truman's website (Baron's Shadowfist Page) has also gone missing. You can still see his card combos using the Internet Archive. [12 Mar 2011]

Brian's Shadowfist Page - Brian Kawano's website has card opinions, Daedalus FAQ 5, fiction, and the amusing "Heffernan Speaks" section. Take a peek using the Internet Archive. [12 Mar 2011]

Martin Ward's Shadowfist page - Martin's page has a game and faction overview with a short storyline summary. Current through Flashpoint, last updated in 1998, and now gone forever as of Dec 2002. Accessible through the Internet Archive, though. [12 Mar 2011]

The Shadowfist MUSH - no, it's not a new breakfast cereal. Somebody set up their own on-line roleplaying game based on Shadowfist / Feng Shui. Last date on it is Oct.2000 and the website disappeared in late 2003 so it's not active any more. But it does have some interesting (non-official) takes on the storyline up through Flashpoint, which is worth a read if you're interested in the story. [12 Mar 2011]

Michael Barlow's rules variants - brief description of some Shadowfist rules variants, posted in ??. This is a deeplink to get you right to the Shadowfist stuff since it's kind of buried. One level higher and he has a short summary of Kung Fu styles, which is good background for those of us without reflexes, let alone training. This site disappeared in early 2002; look at both using the Internet Archive. [12 Mar 2011]

Heartcutter's Shadowfist - Joe Ganis' website used to serve up the trash talk with tournament reports from the San Francisco Bay Area proving ground league, but now it's only available in the archive. Last update November 2001. [5 Feb 2010; archive gives 'data retrieval failure' on 12 Mar 2011]

Jesse's Shadowfist Page - Jesse Thomas' deck lists (18 of them). Last update in April 2002; the decks include cards up through Throne War (I didn't check them all). [12 Mar 2011]

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