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[posted 1 Apr 2003; updated 11 Aug 2006]

A collection of how-to articles for deck design, general strategy, and stuff like that. This section is intended for non-newbies; if you're just getting started with Shadowfist go read the basics section first, then come back here to earn your black belt.

No-Rares Shadowfist - a very dated article I wrote for Bryant's site in 1997. It's in need of a major overhaul as far as cards and combos go, but it does have some useful (I think :) information applicable to the design of any deck. Also take a look at Erik Berg's much more recent no-rares decklists.

Top 10 Mistakes in Shadowfist Play by Max Hufnagel. Play tips for everyone from beginners to experienced players. Originally published in Kii-Yaaah! issues 1, 2 and 3. Reprinted with Max's permission.

Jan Malina's Top 10 dueling errors - Shadowfist dueling is a significantly different game than multiplayer. Jan Malina, 4-time Shadowfist dueling champ, made this great summary of the 10 biggest mistakes that players make while dueling.

The Rule of Fives by Dave Van Domelen - basic deck construction techniques, originally published way back in Scrye #11. Reprinted with permission of Dave and Scrye.

Basic Odds of Shadowfist by Mike Nickoloff - looks at the mathematical basis for the rule of 5, and the odds of drawing a foundation + feng shui site on your first turn.

Iron and Silk by Dave Van Domelen - play tips for beginning to intermediate players, originally published in The Shadowfist Players' Guide, Vol. 1. Reprinted with Dave's permission.

Duel to the Death by David Eber - introductory article about the then-new Faceoff mechanic in Shaolin Showdown, published in Scrye issue 8.8 (Nov/Dec 2001). Reprinted with permission of David and Scrye.

The Novice Student by Andrew Brown - a pair of articles originally posted on Shadowfist Northwest in July 2004, now hosted here with Andrew and Steve's permission. Andrew used them as a learning tool, to start discussion among the more skilled members of his playgroup.

The Order of the Wheel by Kalon Jelen - the original set of four articles outlining the strengths and weaknesses of various factions, orginally posted on Shadowfist Northwest in July 2004, now hosted here with Kalon and Steve's permission. None of the visitor comments survived the transition, sorry. Kalon added two more articles in April 2005.

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