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[posted 18 Jul 2003; updated 3 Mar 2012]
[last complete link check 21 Jan 2012; next scheduled link check Jan 2013]

Links to reviews of and related blurbs about Shadowfist; these are all outdated but better than nothing. The date in square brackets is the last time I checked that particular link. If you find a broken link, please let me know. All links open in a new browser window.

Reviews on BoardGameGeek - a pair of reviews, one of which is Brian's (linked below) [21 Jan 2012]

Review/description on Sea of Stars - May 2011 [3 Mar 2012]

Brian Bankler's review - moved from Brian's blog to BoardGameGeek [21 Jan 2012]

The Game Cabinet review of Shadowfist - Bob Rossney's review of the Daedalus version of Shadowfist from 1996. [21 Jan 2012]

Review on Fanboyplanet - sometime around the release of Two-Fisted Tales [21 Jan 2012]

Review from a Magic: The Gathering player's perspective - Scroll down to the last paragraph in the MTG article. Written in Sep.2000 by Erik Berg [21 Jan 2012]

The Critical Kobold's review of Shadowfist - reviewed August 2003 [6 Jul 2008; 12 Apr 2010 the review text is gone...]

Review by Julie Hoverson - Feng Shui review on top, Shadowfist down toward the bottom. Apparently written around 1997 or so. [last responded 9 May 2003; it's gone...]

Brian Bankler's original review - Written in August 2000, updated July 2002 and again March 2003. Last responded in Dec. 2005, it's gone too... [17 May 2007]

Review on - very short review, apparently written in 2000. [4 Feb 2004; as of 2 Dec 2005 this is a videogame site now, no info about Shadowfist any more]

Review at Munster-Spielt [German]- Written in 2000. Website domain is for sale in May 2007. Too bad, that article was really funny when translated using Google. [17 May 2007]

Interview with Zev Shlasinger at the Wayfarer - from 2000, before the re-release. [15 Aug 2003; as of 4 Feb 2004 apparently the Wayfarer is dead and gone...]

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