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[posted 14 Nov 2003; updated 10 Jan 2004]

These sample games were transcribed using stock 10,000 Bullets decks. I happened to be using these new from the package, and learned that you need to shuffle them really, really well the first time :)

Sample games are available only for download, in PDF format. I haven't figured out how best to present them in HTML format, since they run 15-20 printed pages!

Sample Game 1: The Dragons vs. The Eaters of the Lotus [PDF, 19 pages, 245 kB]

Sample Game 2: The Architects of the Flesh vs. The Ascended [PDF, 18 pages, 218 kB]

Sample Game 3: The Purists vs. The Guiding Hand vs. The Four Monarchs [ PDF, 15 pages, 98 kB]

Phew. That's enough for now. I may eventually try a 4-player game, but the preconstructed starters tend to poop out if the game goes any length of time, so don't count on it. I do need to reprocess the first two PDFs; the file size is about twice what it should be. I'll get to that eventually too.

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