Shadowfist Deck: ATM by Benjamin Barnett

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[posted 11 Nov 2005]

Deck list provided by Benjamin Barnett, 8 Nov 2005. Published with permission.

Benjamin Barnett made it to the final four of the multiplayer tournament at the 2005 Smackdown in Jacktown using this deck.

ATM by Benjamin Barnett (87 Cards)

This deck got me to my first-ever final table at the 2005 Smackdown in Jacktown. Considering that my multiplayer skills are truly horrible I tried to build a deck that requires absolutely no politicking or subterfuge whatsoever. When it works, everyone sees it coming but it just rolls over 'em anyway. I ended up with 3rd place overall. Congrats to Kel McKay for a solid (and fast -- about 30 minutes!) victory in the final.

   4x Golden Candle Society 1 Hc
   2x Little Grass 1 Hc
   3x Rat Clan Spies 1 A
   3x Jade Wheel Society 1 A cardflow
   5x Gangsters 1 A
   1x Order of the Wheel 2 A draw
   2x Man with No Name 2 * draw
   2x Manchu Bureaucrat 1A A
   4x Elderly Monk 2H Hc draw
   1x Orange Sage 3HH Hc recurse
   3x Tranquil Persuader 3HH Hc
   5x Leaping Tiger Troupe 4H H draw
   2x The Iron Monkey 4HH H power
   1x Jade Dragon Monk 3HH Hc disrupt
   1x Coil of the Snake 3AA A draw
   2x Xiaoyang Yun 3HH H disrupt
   1x Queen of the Ice Pagoda (Ltd. Ed.) 6 Mmm state defense
   2 EDGES
   2x The Enemy of My Enemy 1AA draw
   25 EVENTS
   5x Bull Market 0AAA power
   3x Confucian 1H 
   4x Into The Light 1H recurse
   1x Positive Chi 1HH recurse
   2x Blade Palm 2cc versatility
   4x Wind on the Mountain XHH recurse
   2x Laughter of the Wind 3HH
   1x Invincible Chi 1ccc
   3x The Orange Principle 1Hc draw
   1 SITE
   1x The Bazaar draw
   17 FSS
   3x Temple of Celestial Mercy draw
   4x Whirlpool versatility
   1x Petroglyphs disruption
   1x Stone Dolmens anti-state
   1x Festival Circle disruption
   2x Dragon Graveyard anti-discard
   5x Coral Reef draw

This deck is designed to offset the usual disadvantage of Bull Market in multiplayer -- that of giving out 10-15 power for every 5 you generate for yourself. The working principle is to end the game before anyone else gets to spend all that juice on their turn.

The basic engine is to draw an absurd number of cards and to recurse Bull Market relentlessly; once the Leaping Tiger Troupes start successively hitting the table and you begin attacking then Laughter of the Winding everyone to attack again it's usually game over.

The Orange Principle is a great card but 3 is probably too many -- because you're not trimming your deck any, just shuffling in the cards you don't want right now and hoping to fish something better, I often found myself drawing back too much of what I'd just shuffled in.

The Enemy of My Enemy is unbelievable in multiples in this deck -- combo'ed with Elderly Monks I was often drawing 6-8 cards on every player's turn, slapping down Bull Markets every time I fished one then cutting loose when my turn rolled around again.

Best use of Positive Chi in this deck is to pop an Elderly Monk back into play right before your turn starts -- you wouldn't believe the size of the bullseye those guys have painted on them after a turn or 2 of drawing 12 cards or so.

Even before everything's in place for your big push, the Bull Markets really kick the game into high gear -- it's like going directly from turn 4 to turn 15 or so. Everyone has all the power they need to fuel big attacks and big denial, so the games are definitely more unstable than is typical. Positive Chi, Blade Palm are your main contributions to stopping all the winning attacks; who you choose to give The Enemy of My Enemy power to is also key to balancing the table out.

[writeup by Benjamin Barnett]

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