Shadowfist Deck: 100 Names Deck by Erik Berg

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[posted 29 Jun 2004]

Erik Berg made it to the finals of the Kublacon 2004 100 Names tournament using this deck. Posted with permission.

Unnamed 100 Names Deck (62 cards)

   Golden Candle Society
   Little Grasshopper
   Kung Fu Student
   Shaolin Swordsman
   Buddist Monk
   Instrument of the Hand

   Sinister Priest
   Shamanistic Punk
   Vassals of the Lotus
   Earth Poisoner
   Eunuch Underling

   Poison Clan Warriors
   Sword Saint
   Fist of Shadow
   Impoverished Monk
   Master Blacksmith
   Master Gardener
   Master Swordsman
   Orange Sage
   Leaping Tiger Troupe
   Iron Monkey
   Yellow Geomancer
   Jueding Shelun v2
   Long Axe Short Axe
   Mad Monk
   Underworld Tracker
   White Disciple
   Eater of Fortune
   Evil Twin

   Solar Sword
   Butterfly Sword
   Flying Sword Stance
   Fortune of the Turtle
   Hell Charger

   Swords Unite
   Secret Pact
   Shaolin Surprise
   Secrets of Shaolin
   Confucian Stability
   Into the Light
   Tortured Memories
   Verminous Rain
   Demonic Plague
   Pocket Demon
   Violet Meditation
   Shield of Pure Soul

   Orange Senshi Chamber

   Thousand Sword Mountain
   Kinoshita House
   Fox Pass
   Sacred Heart Hospital
   Turtle Beach
   Four Sorrows Island
   Whirlpool of Blood
   Hot Springs
   Puzzle Garden
   Temple of Angry Spirits
   City Park
   Temple of Celestial Mercy

[writeup by Erik Berg]

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