Shadowfist Deck: Blade Palm O'rama by Alex Poger

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[posted 8 Aug 2005]

Originally posted to the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 26 July 2005 by Alex Bergmann. Republished with permission. If you're a member of the group, you can read the original in the archive.

Alex Poger made it to the finals of the 2005 National Championships, Part 2, at DexCon 8 with this deck. Alex passed away shortly after DexCon; Alex Bergmann sent in this short tribute and deck list.


It is with a heavy heart that I must report that my good friend Alex Poger passed away today.

I most recently had the pleasure of playing against him in the finals of the Shadowfist nationals part 2 at Dexcon this month, where he won three of his four swiss-style rounds before placing 4th in the finals.

Alex was a superb strategist. I owe much of my deck building skill to his influence over the decade+ we've played together. The decklist below, like many of his designs, is not the most conventional deck. But it is highly effective, if at times frustrating to play against.

In the final game, I kidded with him that his deck's name should be "Attack under absolutely no circumstances". Which, in a sense, also speaks to his personality. His combination of sportsmanship and good humor is a rare gift, and combined with his sharp mind and good friendship, made for an admirable opponent and exceptional person. He will be dearly missed among players in the New York City area, and by his friends and loved ones.

Without further ado, the deck list and the rough draft of commentary he was assembling in preparation for the list's posting:

Blade Palm O'rama
by Alex Poger (50 cards)

This was a basic Hand deck that did surprisingly well in practice. With a little fine tuning I have gotten very good results.

   5x Golden Candle Society - Basic foundation
   5x Buddhist Monk - Potent foundation.

   1x Blue Monk - Unimportant mid-range blocker
   3x The Iron Monkey - Steals power, can sometimes use Superleap 
                        for opportunistic site grabs.
   1x Hung Hei Kwon - Event immunity ability allows for easier game winning attacks
   1x Derek Han - Event immunity ability allows for easier game winning attacks

   1x Shaolin Surprise - Often a huge power shift if used at the right time
   1x Robust Feng Shui - Defense, stoppage
   2x Confucian Stability - Some things need to be stopped
   5x Blade Palm - 1001 uses :)
   3x Wind on the Mountain - Gets you back those juicy events

   1x Mad Monkey Kung Fu - Allows Iron Monky to make site taking strikes.
   2x Portal Nexus - Helps convince opponents to look elsewhere

   1x Chinese Connection - Helps convince opponents to look elsewhere

   5x Paradox Garden - Resource for the Portal Nexus, and all around nice 
                       card that lets you sift through the deck.
   1x Green Senshi Chamber - Helps convince opponents to look elsewhere
   1x Yellow Senshi Camber - Helps convince opponents to look elsewhere
   1x Violet Senshi Chamber - Digging around in smoked piles for abilities 
                              can often provide invaluable skills

   2x Gambling House - Power is good
   2x City Square - Defense, stoppage
   1x Temple of Angry Spirits - Why not?
   1x Fox Pass - Defense, stoppage
   1x Sacred Heart Hospital - Healing is good
   2x Whirlpool of Blood - Site stoppage
   1x Stone Dolmens - Protection from Shadowy Mentors (and a few other things)


[writeup by Alex Bergmann, deck writeup by Alex Poger]

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