Shadowfist Deck: Character Is What You Are In The Dark by Peter Trudell

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[posted 24 Aug 2008]

Originally posted to the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 24 Aug 2008 by Peter Trudell. Republished with permission. If you're a member of the group, you can read the original in the archive.

Peter Trudell won the Comrades in Arms tournament at GenCon 2008 with this deck.


Here's the deck that won Comrades in Arms at GenCon. Jon Wengler was playing a similar version of it as well, which made for some interesting games.

Character Is What You Are In The Dark
by Peter "Red" Trudell (60 cards)

Arctic Fortress
Eagle Mountain (x2)
LaGrange Four
Gambling House
Hydroponic Garden (x2)
Mobius Gardens
Proving Ground
Stone Spirals
Temple of the Monkey King
Waterfall Sanctuary

Skin and Darkness Bats (x5)
Darkness Warriors (x2)
Darkness Priestess (x5)
Avenging Darkness
Floating Teeth (x4)
Jaguar Warriors (x2)
Mistress of Blotted Moonlight
Priestess of Itzcoliuhqui (x2)
Queen of the Darkness Pagoda

Avenging Thunder
Blanket of Darkness
Blood Lust (x2)
Dark Sacrifice (x2)
Darkness Pagoda (old)
Discerning Fire (x2)
Fire and Darkness Pagoda
Ice Blessing (x3)
Ice Sword (x2)
Obsidian Eye
Pocket Demon (x2)
Prisoner of the Monarchs
The Queen's Wrath (x2)
Snowblind (x2)
Tomb of Itzcoliuhqui

[writeup by Peter Trudell]

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