Shadowfist Deck: Construct & Destroy by Troy Duffy

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[posted 7 Jul 2004]

Troy Duffy won the Origins 2004 Faction War multiplayer tournament with this deck. Thanks to Troy for providing the deck list!


Construct and Destroy
by Troy Duffy (95 Cards)

   Mathemagician x 4
   Shadow Legion x 5
   Arcane Scientist x 5
   Purist Initiate x 4

   Rhys Engel (v 2)
   Esteban Vicente
   Dr. Timbul Damiri x2
   Father of Chaos
   Shards of Warped Reflection
   Ordinal Spirit x 2
   Geomantic Spirit x 2
   Mutator x 2
   Cognitive Spirit x 2

   Dark Traveler

   Entropy Sphere x 5
   Glimpse of Brief Eternity x 5
   Memory Palace x 2

   Shattering Fire x 5
   Discerning Fire x 2
   Pocket Demon x 5 
   Year of the Rat
   Far Seeing Rice Grains

   Material Transcendence x 2
   Amulet of the Turtle x 4
   Paradigm Recoding
   Incarnate Abstraction

   The Hungry
   Quantum Sorcery x 3
   Lusignan's Tower
   Alchemist's Lair

   Bird Sanctuary
   Temple of Celestial Mercy
   Sacred Heart Hospital
   Monkey House
   Golden Mile
   Market Square
   Nine Dragon Temple
   Phlogiston Mine
   Waterfall Sanctuary
   Temple of the Monkey King
   Fox Pass
   Temple of the Angry Spirits
   Eagle Mountain x 2
   Kinoshita House
   Gambling House
   Turtle Beach
   Dragon Graveyard
   Thousand Sword Mountain

[writeup by Troy Duffy]

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