Shadowfist Deck: A Convocation of Fire by Tim Linden

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[posted 13 Jul 2009]

Published with permission.

Tim Linden won the Origins 2009 National Championships at using this deck.


A Convocation of Fire
by Tim Linden (60 cards)

5 Fire Acolytes
4 Fire Warriors
5 Fire Ants

3 King of the Fire Pagoda
3 Harbinger
1 Fakhir al-Din
5 Burning Man

5 Inner Fire
1 Feeding the Fires
1 Obsidian Eye
5 Gathering the Fire
3 Pocket Demon
3 Brain Fire
4 Ice Blessing
1 Living Legend 

3 Fire Pagoda
2 Summer Fire Palace
3 Secret Headquarters

4 Iron Palace
1 Identity Chop Shop
1 Sacred Heart Hospital
1 Lagrange Four
1 Fox Pass
1 Blue Moon Club
1 Mah-Jongg Parlor
5 Sunless Sea Ruins

While a basic Secret Fire deck, I yanked the Flambards and other such toys to keep the deck size down and slot in more other toys. My main impetus with the Fire decks is the Inner Fire, to stop my characters wandering off with the demons promising candy if they'll just come over to their nice fence for a bit... Then, the synergy of all those Fire cards on the table and Gathering the Fire is quite nice, especially once Li Ting shows up to recycle them. I often was dealing 7-8 damage with these, more than enough to blow up a hitter or site to fail attacks/win attempts, etc.

I found the 8 methods of having 'Secret' stuff out is generally enough - and at the tournament I found a Secret Headquarters by turn 2 many games. Overall I have had to wait sometimes, but so far it seems adequate. The main weakness I have found in the deck is the lack of non-foundations. 12 characters of consequence in a 72 card deck is rather light, no matter how good they all are. In the finals, this was getting to be a problem as the game went on and hitters were slowly being killed off.

So the deck could use some more Fire characters, either adding the Flambards back in for all their cheap goodness and Secretness or any of the other good choices. Hmm. But I will likely just add in a couple Martyr's Tombs when I get some instead, and reload the goodness already there!

[writeup by Tim Linden]

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