Shadowfist Deck: New Heroes Deck by Brad Daniels

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[posted 19 Feb 2012]

Published in Inner Kingdom Update Vol.1, Issue 4. Reposted with permission of Inner Kingdom Games.

Brad Daniels tied for the win at the 2010 Queensland State Championships (Australian National Championships) with this deck.


Unnamed New Heroes Deck
by Brad Daniels (61 cards)
Mars Colonist x 3
Street Sensei x 2
Street Racers
Street Sweepers
Triad Punks x 2
Corporate Hacker
Mars Program Executive x 2
Tattooed Man
Rei Okamoto
Noriko Watson
Echo and Silence
Devendra Chalal
Jessica Ng
Hiroshima Kata
Street Doc
Solar Flare x 2
Blade palm (alt art)
Data mining x 3
The Price of Progress x 2
Catching Bullets
Data Theft
Underworld Contract
Inconvenient Debt 
Mountain Sanctuary
Hydroponic Garden
Bamboo Forest x 2
Endless Corridor
Ancient Stone Arch
Kinoshita House of Pancakes
Bamboo Forest
Mirrored Lake
The Great Wall x 2
Boot Hill
Hot Zone
Cybermod Parlor x 2
Hyper Alloy Blade
Synchronic Beam Emitter
Fingertip Razors x 3
Awesome Presence x 2
Bandolier of Throwing Knives x 2
Hyper Alloy Blade
Platinum Upgrade

Overall, itís a non-specialized deck, but is pretty strong in all areas, and can cope with most situations. In various games cards like platinum upgrade have done real damage, while data mining is just magic for power gen in the mid to late game. I won a game with the super-goodness of Echo and Silence with a Hyper Alloy blade played during the attack - she ate the 2 hitters defending and diced up the site behind them for good measure. I look forward to bringing this to future new heroes games!

[writeup by Brad Daniels]

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