Shadowfist Deck: Delicious Demons by Joshua Duffin

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[posted 13 Feb 2010]

Originally posted to on 23 Aug 2000 by Joshua Duffin. Read the original with a newsreader or Google if you prefer.

Joshua Duffin made it to the finals of the GenCon 2000 Throne War multiplayer championship using this deck.


Delicious Demons
by Joshua Duffin (60 cards)

5 Cave Network
4 Whirlpool of Blood
2 Möbius Gardens
1 Hall of Brilliance
1 Imperial Palace (never got the combo out)

5 Sinister Priest
5 Palace Guard (these are awesome!)
3 Earth Poisoner (this guy rocks too)

hitters and other characters:
1 Eater of Fortune (never actually played, but the theory's good)
4 Evil Twin (yeah, why not)
3 Underworld Tracker (freaking excellent, though he spent more time threatening to come back than actually coming back)
3 Two Hundred Knives of Pain (didn't end up seeing much play, just cause I didn't draw them)
1 Four Burning Fists (I like him, but he is perhaps a little *too* scary)
1 Demon Emperor (nice)
1 Thing with a 1000 Tongues (saw play once in, umm, eight games - but I did win that one...)
1 Gao Zhang (new) (he is *amazing* if you have some Pawns to back him up.  won the only game I played him in, too.)

events & edges:
3 Glimpse of the Abyss (I think I played this once...)
5 Die!!! (really great, used it all the time)
1 Infernal Pact (never got to use it, but it sounds good)
3 Inauspicious Return (obviously brilliant with Die!!!; even more might've been better)
2 Tortured Memories (solid but didn't do anything really amazing for me, I think)
3 Discerning Fire (I like this a lot, but didn't get to use it much at all)
2 The Hungry (probably makes you a *much* too obvious target in a multiplayer tournament; rarely ended up playing them)

The moral of the story is, Cave Networks are good. This is actually somewhat similar to Brad Solberg's "Blood & Destruction" deck, based on Caves and Bloody Hordes and Evil Twins, except that I was using the new 3-cost Lotus characters instead of the self-reinforcing Bloody Hordes. Plus my hitters aren't bobos (as Hordes are), so I used more 1-cost bobos. And no support faction. OK, so what the decks have in common is mostly Caves and Lotus Demons.

In the finals, I blame Kronengold for me not winning. ;-) Actually, in retrospect (and looking at the play-by-play), it's obvious that Steve Valladolid (playing an Ascended/Architects "Juicer" variant) was building up a much stronger power/site base (with those Family Estates) than the rest of us, but avoided being taken down a notch or three because David Smith (playing a mono-Jammer new-good-stuff deck) and I kept threatening to win and thus had to stop each other. Joshua Kronengold (playing his "Walk Softly" mono-Dragons big- hitters/Brawls/NYMUsMad deck) had also avoided being attacked much early on because he didn't play a character until his third turn (a Stunt Man, which had to Die!!! when it attacked me), and then also didn't play any on his fourth or fifth turns (adding Feng Shui instead). In fact, the next thing he played was the Queen of Iciness, on his seventh turn, which attacked, but did not get a Charmed Life, and thus died in Steve's first Neutron Bomb, which he followed up with an Adrienne Hart who seized a stolen Stone Garden from me. (I probably should have burned that Stone Garden, but I was paranoid about Steve having Bites the whole game.)

So then when Steve went for a winning attack on his eighth turn, Joshua brought the Queen out on a Golden Comeback, which popped both my Underworld Trackers out as well. But, getting greedy, Joshua declined to intercept Adrienne Hart with the Queen, forcing me to intercept with both my Trackers. Sadly, Steve had an Imprison for one Tracker, which kept his attack from failing, and then he dropped another Bomb to send the Queen right back to the netherworld, brought out Shinobu Yashida, and won at my site.

In short, it's all Kronengold's fault. ;-) Except that we all should have been paying more attention to Steve. To whom congratulations for being the sneaky one, which is always the best way to win. ;-)

Z-Man still has no news as to what Steve will ask for, or for which faction, but apparently they'll let us know when he decides.

another day, another fist

[writeup by Joshua Duffin]

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