Shadowfist Deck: Diamondhead by Julian Lighton

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[posted 3 Sep 2004]

Originally posted to the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 1 Sep 2004 by Julian Lighton. Republished with permission. If you're a member of the group, you can read the original in the archive.

Julian Lighton won the Comrades in Arms tournament at GenCon 2004 using this deck.

by Julian Lighton (80 Cards)

(And no, that name is not arbitrary. Bonus points if you get it.)

   5 Poison Clan Warriors
   5 Shamanistic Punk
   3 Sinister Priest
   4 Seven Evils
   4 Evil Master
   5 Evil Whispers
   5 Evil Twin
   5 Evil Chanting

   2 Poison Thorns
   1 Eater of Fortune
   2 Kan Li
   1 Four Burning Fists

   4 Shrieking Witch Heads
   2 Pocket Demon
   2 Flying Sleeves
   3 Tortured Memories

   2 Alchemist's Lair
   3 Identity Chop Shop
   2 Stone Dolmens
   2 Whirlpool of Blood
   1 Festival Circle
   1 Disco
   1 Jade Palace of the Dragon King
   1 Fox Pass
   1 Kinoshita House
   1 Gambling House

(Yes, there should have been a Destroyer. I didn't think of it.)

Building CiA decks around weird designators is hard. (Though this was easier than my pre-7M Mountain deck.) This deck is heavily warped not only by the fact that there are only five Evil cards, but by the requirement of having a Martial Character to play Evil Master. (The original tune of the deck was almost a Hood deck, too, because of the Vassals of Chin, but it didn't work.)

The deck itself is fairly straightforward. Magic resources can be a problem in the early game. Poison Clan Warriors are strong early, and don't suck late. A couple of Evil Whispers can get you a quick burn for power.

Evil Master and Evil Chanting are the main win cards, turning random foundations into threats. Seven Evils is too slow to see play very often. (Though he is a beating.) It might be better with 5 Evil Master and only Twenty-One Evils. Evil Twin/Tortured Memories are good, of course.

[writeup by Julian Lighton]

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