Shadowfist Deck: Dirk's Revenge by Allen Hege

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[posted 26 Aug 2005]

Deck list provided by Allen Hege, 22 Aug 2005. Published with permission.

Allen Hege won the Who's The Big Man Now? dueling championship at GenCon 2005 using this deck.

Dirk's Revenge
by Allen Hege (45 Cards)

2 Dirk Wisely
2 Everyday Hero
5 Hacker

2 Resistance Squad

3 Scrappy Kid
1 Hiro Asataka
1 The Prof

2 The Golden Gunman
2 Dr. John Haynes

2 Back for Seconds
3 Dirk Wisely's Gambit
1 Fighting Spirit
4 Final Brawl
2 Golden Comeback

1 Satellite Intelligence

2 Birdhouse Cafe
1 City Park
5 Dragon Graveyard
2 Temple of the Angry Spirits

2 Bandit Hideout

The concept of this deck was based on two factors:

  1. Had to have protection against discard and Inauspicious Reburial, both very strong in dueling
  2. Had to play my favorite faction, the Dragons, and then the idea became clear. make Dirk the hero.

Though I saw very little IR, the discard mechanism worked perfectly as my final match was against a partial discard deck.

[writeup by Allen Hege]

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