Shadowfist Deck: Dirty Demons, Done Dirt Cheap by Michael Stadermann

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[posted 10 Aug 2008]

Originally posted to the Shadowfist Forum on 3 July 2008 by Michael Stadermann. Reposted with permission If you're a member, read the original in the archive.

Michael Stadermann won the West Coast Championships multiplayer tournament at Kublacon 2008 with this deck.


(Yes, there were only three opponents. But they're all great players. And they played mean decks.)

Dirty Demons, Done Dirt Cheap
by Michael Stadermann (62 cards)
5 Demon Whiskey
5 Bloody Horde
4 Sinister Priest
3 Shamanistic Punk
2 Flesh Eater
2 Evil Twin

4 "You Fell Into My Trap"
2 Glimpse of the Abyss
3 Pocket Demon
1 Verminous Rain
5 Bribery
5 Tortured Memories

4 Devil's Rope

2 Secret Headquarters
1 Trade Center
1 Library of Souls

3 Cave Network
2 Booby-Trapped Tomb
3 Nine Dragon Temple
2 City Park
2 Hidden Tomb
1 Identity Chopshop

The deck needs the Cave Networks and the YFIMT! when it gets rushed early; those cards also work great if early probing attacks are commonplace. The 1-cost foundations should be played early if you hold YFIMT!, and then summarily run into something to get rid of them and be Network-ready. In a sharky environment, this kind of attack doesn't even draw attention.

Main power generation comes from the NFSS; an optimal setup is a front-row Cave with Rope and an SHQ behind it. You will typically outproduce the rest of the table once you play your second FSS in that case.

Attrition is your friend. Characters cost power, and power is often gained from burning... but burning brings your Whiskeys back. Don't hesitate to block or even attack characters to reduce table clutter. Sometimes it even pays to Rope a turned or damaged Whiskey before a site gets hit in an attack. Odds are your opponent will either BfP and give you your guy back, or he will seize and stretch his resources. Only one person has to be behind to be desperate enough to BfP, and someone usually is.

The preferred method of dealing with big guys is Torturing them, and then Roping them when you no longer need them. The Ropes mean you won't get attacked after the early game, so chuck any remaining YFIMT or Caves you draw after that point. Likewise foundation; the 1-costers only serve to get you a Magic resource.

Flesh Eaters and the Library recycle your cards. If a Flesh Eater actually manages to get you a card, get a Bribery of Tortured; characters can always be played with the Library, even in opponents' turns. Don't recycle the Verminous Rain if you have a Horde in your smoked pile, unless you really really need it.

Things to modify: if I had a second Library, I'd probably play it. Fearsome Foe may also go back into the deck; it's a great surprise card that no one expects and that might give you the win if everybody is relying on the last guy to do the blocking.

The deck is far from unbeatable. It really hates Cutting Loose Ends, and it doesn't much like Shaolin Agents that have their own ability RigDissed 10 times on themselves, either.


[writeup by Michael Stadermann]

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