Shadowfist Deck: Canadian Championships 2009 winner by Troy Duffy

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[posted 26 Mar 2009; updated 2 Apr 2009]

Published with permission.

Troy Duffy won the 2009 Canadian Championships dueling tournament using this deck.


Canadian Championships 2009 Winner
by Troy Duffy (61 cards)

Monkey House
Mountain Fortress x 2
The Blue Moon Club
Thousand Sword Mountain
Mah-Jongg Parlor
Sacred Heart Hospital
Fox Pass
Festival Circle
Stone Dolmens
Phlogiston Mine
Temple of the Angry Spirits

Wah-Shan Clan x 5
Kun-Lun Clan Assault x 5

Man with No Name
Shung Dai

Pocket Demon x 4
Wing of the Crane x 2
Celestial Stance
Invincible Stance

Beneficent Tao x 5
Wondrous Illusion x 2
Unexpected Rescue x 5
Monkey Fools the Tiger x 4
Balanced Harmonies x 2

Li Mao x 2
Wu Man Kai x 2
Red Bat x 2
Gold Lion
Ghost Wind
Sky Dragon
Ho Chen

[writeup by Troy Duffy]

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