Shadowfist Deck: Canadian Championships 2010 winner by Troy Duffy

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[posted 14 June 2010]

Published with permission.

Troy Duffy won the 2010 Canadian Championships dueling tournament using this deck.


Canadian Championships 2010 Winner
by Troy Duffy (47 cards)

The Foundations
DNA Mage x 5
Arcanomoth x 5

The Sites
Proving Ground x 5
Fox Pass
Mah-Jongg Parlour
Temple of the Angry Spirits
Weeping Willows
Nine Dragon Temple
Dao Biotech Headquarters

The Muscle
CHAR x 3
Gnarled Annihilator
Jigsaw Beast

The Juice
Imprison x 5
Nerve Gas
Uncontrolled Mutation
Arcanowave Feedback
Abomination Serum x 2
Evacuation: 2066

The Support Staff
Dr. Hans Wulfjaeger
NeoBuro Medic

The Edges
Rise of the NeoBuro
Evil Brain in a Jar

The Back-Up Power Supply
Pocket Demon x 3
Dangerous Experiment x 2
Desperate Measures


The Muscle would be slim except that thanks to one of the best foundations, the Moths do double duty. I won more games with pumped up Moths than the CHARs.

This was one of my few dueling decks, essentially a Speed CHAR deck. But since I hadn't played much since Empire of Evil came out, I wanted to play with the few Architect EoE cards I owned. So there's some less-than-optimal EoE cards in the deck, like the Brain Jar in a deck with only two candidates (but the game I got Hans' brain in glass was pretty awesome). So in order to get the 8 EoE cards in there, I pulled the following:
Nerve Gas x 4
Expendable Unit x 2
Pocket Demon

So yeah, still won despite the sub-optimal swap outs :)

[writeup by Troy Duffy]

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