Shadowfist Deck: Fakhir You! by James Hovey

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[posted 20 Aug 2008]

Originally posted to the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 2 July 2008 by James Hovey. Republished with permission. If you're a member of the group, you can read the original in the archive.

James Hovey won the North American Championship at Origins 2008 with this deck.


Here is my decklist... It was originally 70ish cards and I trimmed it down and made a few changes to make it more 3 player-y. The whole idea is to generate a lot of money with sites, darkness priestess/Dark Sacrifice, feeding the fires, and of course blood lusts to get Fakhir-Al-Din out early and often even though Hawksmoor, Anastasia, and Thunderbird are all better hitters... but Fakhir combos with the Bloodlusts and I like the built in 'Final Brawl' when he enters play.... also becomes very cheap with Feeding the Fires... he often gets played for 1 power.

Fakhir You!
by James Hovey (61 cards)

Foundations: 12
5x Darkness Priestess
5x Fire Acolyte
2x Ice Healer

Hitters: 9 + Avenging Darkness
3x Fakhir-Al-Din
King of the Fire Pagoda
Lord Hawksmoor
Once and Future Champion
2x Thunderbird
Avenging Darkness

Events: 22
Avenging Thunder
4x BloodLust
3x BrainFire
Chain Lightning
2x Dark Sacrifice
Discerning Fire
2x Mark of Fire
4x Pocket Demon
2x Snowfall
1x Thunder in the West
1x Transmogrification

States: 2
Fire Sword
Ice Diadem

Edges: 4
2x Feeding the Fires
Obsidian Eye
The Book of Wrath

FSS: 11
2x Mobius Gardens
2x Mah-Johngg Parlor
Whirlpool of Blood
Hall of Portals
Night Market
Sacred Heart Hospital
Wall of a Thousand Eyes
City park
Jade Valley

[writeup by James Hovey]

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