Shadowfist Deck: Fifty-Five Flavors of 'Fu by Peter Shah

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[posted 25 Aug 2008]

Posted with permission. Thanks!

Peter Shah won the 100 Names tournament at Origins 2008 with this deck.


Fifty-Five Flavors of 'Fu
by Peter Shah (55 cards)

Buddhist Monk
Golden Candle Society
Instrument of the Hand
Kung Fu Student
Little Grasshopper
Railroad Workers
Righteous Fist
Shaolin Student
Shaolin Swordsman

Utility Characters
Yellow Geomancer

Billy Chow
Blue Monk
Carmen Zhou
Derek Han
Exiled Monk
Jade Dragon Monk
Jia Baoyu
Master Yuen
Red Master
Righteous Bro

Blade Palm
Breath of the Dragon
Confucian Stability
Healing Earth
Heat of Battle
Iron and Silk
The Orange Principle
Rigorous Discipline
Secrets of Shaolin
Shaking the Mountain
Violet Meditation
The Willow Bends
Willow Step
Wind on the Mountain

Butterfly Swords
Flyng Sword Stance
Fortune of the Turtle
Improvised Weapons
Living Legend
Pump-Action Shotgun

Shield of Pure Soul

Violet Senshi Chamber

Feng Shui Sites
Boot Hill
City Park
Dragon Graveyard
Garden of Bronze
Grizzly Pass
Hydroponic Garden
Mah-Jongg Parlor
Nine Dragon Temple
Puzzle Garden
Temple of Celestial Mercy
Waterfall Sanctuary

The MVP for this deck was definitely Master Yuen.

[writeup by Peter Shah]

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