Shadowfist Deck: G.G. by Jan Malina and Ken Ho

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[posted 31 May 2003]

Originally posted to on 2 Sep 2000 by Jan Malina. Republished with permission. Read the original with a newsreader or Google if you prefer.

Steve Valladolid won the GenCon 2000 Throne War multiplayer championship using this deck designed by Jan Malina and Ken Ho. Jan also used it when he earned his spot in the final in Friday's qualifying round.

  5 Test Subjects
  3 Midnight Whisperer

  3 Sucker Rounds
  3 Imprisoned
  2 Nerve Gas
  2 Neutron Bomb

  1 White Ninja

  5 Pledged
  3 Student of the Bear 
  3 Gruff Lieutenant 
  2 Adrienne Hart
  2 Shinobu Yashida 

  5 Bull Market
  3 Shadowy Mentor
  2 Operation Killdeer
  3 Bite of the Jellyfish

  3 Family Estate

  5 Festival Circles
  3 Whirlpool of Blood
  1 City Square
  1 Fox Pass
  1 Kinoshita House

This deck is really low on sites now that I think about it. Oh well. If anyone has suggestions for these decks I would be interested.

[writeup by Jan Malina]

Steve Valladolid's comments, also posted in on 9 Sep 2000 (original on Google here):

The deck never really felt low on sites when I played it during the 2nd qualifier and in the final round. I thought the deck had 4 Family Estates and only 2 Bites but I'm not positive. BTW, Family Estate is broke, people. The deck did feel light on hitters. There were several times when I dumped my hand, played the Market and didn't draw a hitter with 6 new cards. The Sucker Rounds never really payed off for me but that could be because of my inexperience playing the deck. My only other comment is that the deck is explosively fast and very consistent.
-Steve Valladolid

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