Shadowfist Deck: G.O. by Jan Malina

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[posted 31 May 2003]

Originally posted to on 2 Sep 2000 by Jan Malina. Republished with permission. Read the original with a newsreader or Google if you prefer.

Jan Malina won the GenCon 2000 Who's the Big Man Now? (dueling) championship using this deck. The name is an abbreviation of "Game Over," an indication of its win/loss record :)

  1 City Square
  5 City Park
  2 Sacred Heart Hospital
  4 Whirlpool of Blood

  5 Final Brawl
  3 Golden Comeback
  3 Dirk Wisely's Gambit
  1 Victory for the Underdog

  2 Bite of the Jellyfish
  2 Lodge Politics
  4 Operation Killdeer
  3 Shadowy Mentor

  5 Hacker
  2 Friends of the Dragon
  3 Ting Ting
  3 Golden Gunman

  5 Pledged

I thought about adding a Dr. Haynes but then decieded against it and went with another Lodge Politics thinking that there would be heavy Ascended which there was.

[writeup by Jan Malina]

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