Shadowfist Deck: Green Crank by Benjamin Barnett

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[posted 20 Mar 2007]

Posted with permission. Thanks Benjamin!

Benjamin Barnett made it to the finals of the Who's The Big Man Now? dueling tournament at GenCon 2006 using this deck.


Green Crank
by Benjamin Barnett (39 cards)
-5x Railroad Workers     1
-4x Golden Candle Society     1

-1x Jia Baoyu               2HH
-1x Exiled Monk             2HH

-4x High Noon               1HH
-4x The Willow Bends         0H
-1x Scales of the Dragon    0HH
-4x Confucian Stability      1H
-4x Deadly Hands            1HH
-2x Art of War                0

2x Dragon Graveyard
4x Sunless Sea Ruins
1x Temple of Celestial Mercy
1x Turtle Beach
1x Temple of the Angry Spirits

Wins by resource denial and BfV inflation, both via High Noon / Deadly Hands / Willow Bends.

[writeup by Benjamin Barnett]

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