Shadowfist Deck: FAT Ritual by Daniel Griego

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[posted 16 Aug 2006]

Originally posted to the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 14 Aug 2006 by Daniel Griego. Republished with permission. If you're a member of the group, you can read the original in the archive.

Daniel Griego won the GenCon 2006 Ritual of the Unnameable tournament (variant, multiplayer) with this deck. If you haven't tried this format before, read the rules first.


I want to thank all the veterans and Shadowfist elders that made the weekend remarkable for me in every way. It was an unparallelled joy meeting all the greats I'd only previously known as names and commenters. Throwing down with the cream of the crop was an amazing experience, as well.

Special thanks to Allen, Gavin, Brian, Earl, Ben, Braz, Julian, and the Z-Man himself for so warmly welcoming me into the fold.Glad I could so satisfactorily represent the San Antonio team! I can't say enough great things about the game, not just because of how solid it is, but also because of the integrity and passion within the community of players itself.

For purposes of record keeping, here's the list for my Ritual of the Unnameable deck:

FAT Ritual
by Daniel Griego (60 cards)

   1 Fakhir-al-Din
   1 Fallen Heroes
   1 Family Home
   1 Fast as Lightning
   1 Fighting Spirit
   3 Final Brawl
   5 Fire Acolytes
   1 Fire Mystic
   1 Fists of Fury
   1 Floating Restaurant
   2 Flying Kick
   1 Four Sorrows Island
   2 Fox Pass
   5 Friends of the Dragon

   1 Amulet of the Turtle
   1 Anastasia
   1 Art of War
   1 Atourina Baktiari
   2 Avenging Darkness
   2 Avenging Fire
   2 Avenging Thunder
   1 Auspicious Termites
   1 Aztec Mummy

   1 Tangram Alley
   1 Temple of the Monkey King
   1 That Which Does Not Kill Me...
   1 The Blue Moon Club
   1 The Crucible
   1 The Golden Gunman
   1 The Prof
   1 The Steam Laundry Company
   2 Thunder in the West
   1 Thunder on Thunder
   2 Thunder Stick
   1 "Time to Kick Ass!"
   1 Ting Ting
   2 Ting Ting's Bandits
   2 Tommy Gun
   1 Transmogrification
   1 Turtle Beach
   1 Turtle Island

[writeup by Daniel Griego]

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