Shadowfist Deck: Hand Air by Braz King

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[posted 8 Jul 2004]

Braz King made it to the finals of the Origins 2004 multiplayer championship tournament with this deck. Thanks to Braz for providing the deck list!


Hand Air (for Yao Ming), 69 Cards or so

This deck is one of my attempts to build a competitive "big site structure deck". It relies on mobility, denial and healing to defend the site structure and superleap to take sites.

It struggles against hitter decks and I will reluctantly add Buddha's Palm and likely squeeze in a Blood of the Valiant, replacing You Have Offended Shaolin which ends up redundant as I always chose Righteous Heaven Stance for weenies and most of the bigger boys already Leap on their own.

The two City Parks are gone now, replaced by Fireworks Factories and I'm just now adding in the new garden-loving Monk… I love you Righteous Bro, but these dudes kick it harder.

I'm very unhappy with the Secret Headquarters. It becomes the most luscious target on the board and nobody minds an opponent getting it away from me. It ends up making my opponents more power than it does me. I'm going to replace it, but not sure with what.

The revised version of this deck will take it to the Purists next year. LOL!

Hand Air
by Braz King (69 Cards)

Foundation - 14
   5 Buddhist Monk 2/2hC
   5 Golden Candle Society 1/1hC
   3 Little GrAsshopper 1/1hC
   1 Righteous Fist 2/2h

Utility - 3
   1 Peasant Uprising hh1
   2 Fist of Shadow h2/2hC

Mid-Range - 6
   1 Righteous Bro hh3/3h
   1 The Iron Monkey hh4/5hC
   2 Red Master hh4/6hC
   1 Sword Saint hh3/7h
   1 Yen Fan hhh4/ha

Hitter - 4
   2 Billy Chow
   1 Derek Han
   1 Lui Yu Min

0-Cost Event/State/Edge - 9
   3 Chinese Connection hh0
   2 Secrets of Shaolin h0
   3 Iron and Silk h0
   1 Shaolin Surprise h0
   1 Healing Earth C0
   1 King on the Water CC0

Other Event/State/Edge - 10
   2 "You Have Offended Shaolin" h1
   2 Confucian Stability h1
   1 Blade Palm CC2
   1 Shaking the Mountain CC1
   2 Righteous Heaven Stance hh2 
   2 Wind on the Mountain hhX

Alt/Extrapowergen - 4
   2 Shield of Pure Soul hC0
   2 Violet Meditation C0

Sites - 6
   2 Drug Lab 1/6
   2 Secret Headquarters 3/10
   1 Blue Senshi Chamber h2/6h
   1 Temple of the Shaolin Dragon hhh3/8hhC

FSS - 13
   2 City Square
   1 Fireworks Factory
   3 Hall of Portals
   3 Mobius Gardens
   2 Puzzle Garden
   2 Whirlpool of Blood

[writeup by Braz King]

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