Shadowfist Deck: Void Sorcerer Dueling Deck by Sean Henrickson

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[posted 2 Jan 2007]

Originally posted on in approximately August 2004. Was removed the following year; rescued using the Internet Archive.

Sean Henrickson won the dueling championship at Origins 2004 using this deck.


Void Sorcerer Dueling Deck
by Sean Henrickson (36 cards)

   2 Purist Aspirant
   5 Mathemagician

   5 Void Sorcerer
   2 Void
   1 Primus
   5 Entropy Sphere
   1 Entropy Tap
   5 Pocket Demon
   1 Discerning Fire
   1 Hall of Portals
   3 Fireworks Factory
   3 Nine Dragon Temple
   1 Stone Dolmens
   1 Temple of the Angry Spirits 

This is the deck as it was played. The Hall of Portals doesn't belong in the deck; it got shuffled in after seizing it in an earlier game, and the Entropy Tap is a leftover test card; it should have been replaced by a third Aspirant.

[writeup by Sean Henrickson]

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