Shadowfist Deck: Heroes of the Twilight by Braz King

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[posted 15 Jul 2003]

Originally posted to the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 9 Jul 2003 by Braz King. Republished with permission. If you're a member of the group, you can read the original in the archive.

Braz King won Final Brawl #2 (constructed, multiplayer) at Origins 2003 using this deck.

by Braz King


With the Dragons on the ropes in Los Angeles, the ghost of Jack Donovan roars out of hell with a horde of demon allies, a circle of sorcerers, and the last honest Cops in LA at his side to lay the smack down in the name of all that is good in the world.

   5 Sinister Priest
   2 Earth Poisoner
   3 Friends of the Dragon
   1 Hacker
   3 Rookies
   2 Evil Twin
   3 Underworld Tracker
   2 The Golden Gunman
   1 Jack Donovan (the one who faced certain death without flinching)
   2 Karate Cop
   2 Maverick Cop
   1 Shamanistic Lieutenant
   1 Taggert
   1 Wu Ming Yi
   1 Magnum Justice
   1 Cloud Walking
   2 Discerning Fire
   5 Pocket Demon
   2 Scroll of Incantation
   2 Assassins in Love
   1 Dirk Wisely's Gambit
   1 Final Brawl
   1 Golden Comeback
   2 Kiii-YAAAH!
   1 Open a Can of Whupass
   1 Flying Sleeves
   1 Glimpse of the Abyss
   1 Shifting Loyalties
   3 Sinister Accusations
   4 Police Station
Feng Shui Sites
   2 City Park
   1 Disco
   2 Festival Circle
   2 Fox Pass
   2 Gambling House
   4 Identity Chop Shop
   1 Mobius Gardens


The deck morphs around from time to time. Purist Sorcerer, Marisol, and some other cards sometimes find their way in and the FSS change too. But this was the winning formula for Origins.



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