Shadowfist Deck: I'm Huge by Stefan & Lissa Vincent

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[posted 25 Oct 2003]

This deck was designed in 1996 as a "proof-of-concept" that no-rares decks could do well in competitive Shadowfist play. Lissa used this deck when she tied (with me :) for 4th at the GenCon 1997 multiplayer championships.

The basic premise is simple: play Pledged characters as fast and cheaply as possible using multiple Family Estates, then drop Might of the Elephant as a big finisher. Might is typically in the 9-10 Fighting range, and it's not unusual to see 14-16. The usual suspects of Ascended good stuff (Shadowy Mentor, Operation Killdeer, etc.) are here for backup, too. The exact mix of good stuff varies from game to game, but this list represents what was used at GenCon.

Feel free to apply some psychology when playing this deck, since savvy opponents will assume it's the standard Pledged speed deck and beat you mercilessly to prevent Adrienne or Shinobu from making an appearance.

I'd make a few changes in the Z-Man era, notably getting rid of Fist of the Bear, probably using Blue Cardinal's Guards in its place. There are a lot more good common and uncommon Feng Shui Sites too, like Temple of the Angry Spirits, Petroglyphs and Nine Dragon Temple, so I'd rework the FSS significantly. But all of that is left as an exercise for the student :)

I'm Huge
(60 cards)

Foundation (all Pledged)
5 Student of the Bear
5 The Pledged
4 Student of the Shark

2 Cabinet Minister (Pledged, deal with Edges)
2 Military Commandant (Pledged, fighting boost is gravy; swap for Swiss Banker if you prefer)

1 Fist of the Bear (in case a hitter is needed before Might is Huge)
4 Might of the Elephant

1 Monkey King (heavy Evil Twin environment)
2 Paper Trail (extra Power)

3 Bite of the Jellyfish
2 Covert Operation
2 Faked Death
2 Mole Network
4 Operation Killdeer
2 Realpolitik (swap 1 or 2 for Lodge Politics in heavy Ascended environment)

3 Shadowy Mentor

Feng Shui Sites
1 Whirlpool of Blood
2 Proving Ground
1 Hidden Sanctuary
1 Birdhouse Cafe
1 Wall of a Thousand Eyes
1 Field of Tentacles
1 Pinball Hall
4 Inner Sanctum

4 Family Estate

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