Shadowfist Deck: Immolate to Accumulate by the Cardiff Cartel

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[posted 31 Dec 2006]

Originally posted to the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 11 Sep 2006 by Clint Oldridge. Republished with permission. If you're a member of the group, you can read the original in the archive.

Sam Roads won the 2006 UK 3-player Championships in September 2006 with this deck. Credit for the concept goes to Gaz Hooley; the deck was designed and refined by the Cardiff Cartel.


Immolate to Accumulate
as played by Sam Roads (51 cards)

6 Pledged (3 of each foundation)
3 Family Estates

Ascended Events
5 Covert Operation
5 Operation Killdeer
3 Mole Networks
5 Faked Death
5 Suicide Missions

No Faction
5 Dark Traveller

4 Art of War

FS Sites
3 City Square
2 Turtle Beach
2 Kinoshita House
2 Fox Pass
1 Temple of the Angry Spirits

The Final: Sam (Cardiff), Clint (Cardiff), Ian (last year's winner) Congrats to Sam, the new 3 player Man.... (Cheese), Clint came 2nd (that's me). Bad luck Ian and Ed (for meeting me in the 5th round - otherwise likely it would have been an all Cardiff final). "Immolate to Accumulate", concept by Gaz Hooley, designed by the Cardiff Cartel. (We tested around 25 other deck designs but none came up to the raw cheapness or versatility of this deck). 3 of the 4 Cardiff players played some variant of Immolate, Sam and I got through to the final winning all the games along the way.

Cutest deck I saw was Hippy Dave's Sam Simian, Mountain Fortress deck. As always it was great to meet up with fellow SFisters and meet some old favourites and new decks as well.

Comment from Andy Holt: This "one trick pony" could be relatively easily defeated with a deck that was expecting such but was devastating in a field of mainly quick/limited denial decks (even Alex's deck didn't always manage to hold them to full time). I don't think there were any SSG cards in the DT decks.

Correct. No S&SG in the Immolate deck none were appropriate enough for this deck (the stealth gain a power card for ascended was considered but basically the deck runs on 2 power a turn). We designed around 20 decks and tested them out (3 or 4 Jammer, 5 or so Monarch decks (including a recycling Sacred Wigwam/Ice Commandos deck, a recycling Thunder deck), a couple of Lotus, 1 Dragon deck [I nearly played that], 3 or 4 Purist decks [get off my land types], one Orange deck, a couple of Hand decks - Ed played my Sword Saint deck and came 4th, a cop deck or 3, 1 artillery strike deck with the Rise of the NeoBuro amongst others - actually thinking about it there were more than 20 decks tested in total).

As to it being a one trick pony - methinks I disagree - it covers most eventualities - bit like saying a dragon deck puts down a big lad and attacks - this has 10 of them [admittedly all the same] - the final saw 49 points of fighting vs 30... :-) There are weaknesses to the deck but we had 2 other main iterations [various minor iterations] of the deck that dealt with a different environment but they were felt not needed in the 3 player format. We'd also considered how to deal with that should it come up but mostly after a short period of time the deck went 2:1 so that's why we played it. I thought it was a bit of a basic deck but it's actually a very subtle deck - lots of options for play (one game had to sit and think for a couple of minutes to get the "best" play, and playing against Ed there was lots of interesting play options trying to get events past his Confucians for example).

[writeup by Clint Oldridge]

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