Shadowfist Deck: Massachusetts State Championship 2011 Deck by Brian Kelly

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[posted 21 Feb 2012]

Published in Inner Kingdom Update Vol.2, Issue 3. Reposted with permission of Inner Kingdom Games.

Brian Kelly won the Massachusetts State Championships Final Brawl tournament with this deck on Feb.26, 2011.


Unnamed Deck
by Brian Kelly (62 cards)
5    Student of the Dragon
5    Redeemed Gunman
1    Hacker
1    Consumer on the Brink

1    Ting Ting
1    Bei Tairong
2    Dirk Wisely
1    Alexandre Chen
1    The Spirit of Kongxiangsi
3    Wu Bin of Turtle Island

4    Is That All You’ve Got?
2    Open a Can of Whupass
3    Dirk Wisely’s Gambit
2    Got my Mojo Working
3    Fallen Heroes
3    Final Brawl
2    Never Surrender
2    Back for Seconds
1    Ashes of the Fallen
4    Four Mountains Fist
1    Mask of the Nemesis

4    Hydroponic Garden
1    Mah-jongg Parlour
1    Moebius Gardens
1    Blue Moon Club
1    Lagrange Four
1    Ring of Gates
1    Petroglyphs
1    Jade Valley
1    City Park
2    Disco

62 cards because I threw in Kongxiangsi and one extra Four Mountains Fist at the last minute.

No character costs more than four power and only two cost that. Everything but those two can be brought back by “Is that all you got?” and there are a whopping 18 zero cost events. And yes, I had my mojo working :p

Basically the deck is designed around ridiculously cost efficient 3 for X characters that can be swiftly brought back by “Is that all you got?”. Add in tons of fighting boosts and lots of characters that either manipulate your deck or attack multiple times and it’s a speed deck. For longer games, it works on the principle that I need only 1 power to potentially take two sites in a turn.

[writeup by Brian Kelly]

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