Shadowfist Deck: Like A Fish Needs A Bicycle by Peter Trudell

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[posted 24 Aug 2008; updated 30 Mar 2009]

Originally posted to the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 24 Aug 2008 by Peter Trudell. Republished with permission. If you're a member of the group, you can read the original in the archive and the follow-up message too.

Peter Trudell won the Faction Wars multiplayer tournament at GenCon 2008 with this deck.


I've been asked "Who brings Jammers to Faction Wars??" quite a few times. I guess the answer is, "I do."

Like A Fish Needs A Bicycle
by Peter "Red" Trudell (56 cards)

Cataract Gorge
Gambling House (x2)
Hydroponic Garden (x2)
Kinoshita House
LaGrange Four
Mobius Garden
Puzzle Garden
Stone Dolmens
Temple of Celestial Mercy
Temple of the Monkey King

Kamikaze Cosmonauts (x5)
Mad Scientist (x5)
Marmojet (x2)

Blasting Crew
Cyborg Mermaid (x3)
Dump Scrounger (x2)
The Gimp
Monkey Pirates
Rocket Scientist (x2)

Bomb Factory (x2)
Close Call (x4)
Disco Inferno (x2)
Far Too Much Dynamite
Molotov Cocktail Party
Payback Time
Sabotage (x2)
Scrounging (x4)
Steam Powered Tricycle (x3)
Who's the Monkey Now?

The easy concept for mine was to get your Mermaids (or Silverback or The Gimp) through past the interceptors. The Trikes help with that (as does the innate abilities of Silverback and the Gimp.)

If you don't have Silverback or the Gimp, I'd replace them with Gorila Fighters. As independent is a good ability for follow-up attacks, They plus Cataract Gorge help in case a prior attack fails.

The FSS help grease power, as the decks needs a moderate amount. If you can't get the Temple of Celestial Mercy, the Sunless Sea Ruins help with card flow. As most of the deck outside of the characters cost 1 power, and don't need more than three resources, the Dump Scroungers help with power generation as well.

You can do without Kinoshita if you have to, but in my experience, LaGrange Four is such a powerful card, get your hands on some.

[writeup by Peter Trudell]

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