Shadowfist Deck: New Heroes Unnamed Deck by Tim Linden

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[posted 22 Aug 2008]

Posted with permission. Thanks Tim!

Tim Linden won the New Heroes tournament at GenCon 2008 with this deck.


Unnamed Deck
by Tim Linden (57 cards)

            5 Railroad Workers
            5 Celestials
            5 Acupressure Masters
            1 Zhu Maichen
            1 Cheng Hu Bai
            1 One Eye Chan

            4 Elephant Stance
            4 High Noon
            4 Shaolin Hoedown
            4 Improvised Weapons  
            5 Willow Bends
            1 Golden Spike

            5 Hydroponic Gardens
            2 Mah-Jongg Parlour
            2 Iron Palace
            1 Lagrange Four
            1 Forgotten Temple
            1 Arctic Fortress

            Plus tossed in last moment:

            3 Queen of the Ice Pagoda
            1 Mah-Jongg Parlour
            1 Rainforest Ruins

The deck is really trying to get out an Acupressure Master with an Elephant stance. The toughness/healing combo this has means he can get by/block most anyone under 7 fight, and often those won't want to block either. Improvised weapons let him take sites and take out 8 fight characters without dying in return. High noon is just good, and was instrumental in my wins and in getting safe tiebreak points in my losses. The deck could really use the Black Belt Rebels I decided to leave out. Shaolin Hoedown is actually not quite as valuable in general, as most New Heroes takeout (of which there is actually quite little) does damage, which the master can basically ignore. Of course, I could have really used these when I did lose out to Safety Third or the omnipresent and annoying single action devolver, both used on a QotIP of mine. Darn Jammers.

[writeup by Tim Linden]

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