Shadowfist Deck: Live at the Memory Palace by Troy Duffy

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[posted 15 Jul 2003]

Originally posted to the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 1 Jul 2003 by Troy Duffy. Republished with permission. If you're a member of the group, you can read the original in the archive.

Troy Duffy won Final Brawl #1 (constructed, multiplayer) at Origins 2003 using this deck.

by Troy Duffy

Thought I'd post my deck for anyone who cared for that sort of thing. I've included some of my thoughts/comments, as always any comments anyone wishes to make is welcome.

This deck won the Final Brawl final on Friday, and had 2 wins in the Faction Wars (only one to get a better record was the Dragons with 3 but they often had to double team us ;)), and was 1 Confucian Stability away from winning the Faction Wars :) (A Discerning Fire smoking 3 intercepting Monarchs was cancelled)

Anyway, here you go:

Live at the Memory Palace

(This is very obviously a magic deck, with ALL my characters producing magic for my Shattering Fires and my Dr. Celeste Carters)

81 Cards total (though I should prune it down to 75 or add a couple more foundations - I had added a couple more Celestes and a Mutator I opened at Origins)

   5 Arcane Scientist
   5 Purist Initiate
   5 Mathemagician

   3 Mutator
   5 Dr. Celeste Carter (5 might be too many, maybe 4)
   2 Cognitive Spirit (these have been *very* effective, tempted to put more)
   1 Paradox Beast
   1 Estaban Vicente
   1 Primus
   1 Rhys Engel (tempted to drop him)
   1 Andrea Van de Graaf
   1 Father of Chaos (tempted to drop him, just too expensive when compared to my Celestes)
   1 Lusignan's Automaton
   1 Hermes
   1 Malachi

   1 Amulet of the Turtle (would like to put more, just no room unless I drop as above)

   3 Quantum Sorcery
   1 The Hungry (which has definitely been a deciding factor in many of my games, 
                 tempted to put 2 in)
   3 Discerning Fire (effective removal, characters as well as states (Mentor if there's 
                      2 in play, or a "shadowy" character), edges and sites 
                      (Proving Grounds or Police Stations))
   5 Pocket Demon
   5 Shattering Fire
   3 Entropy Sphere (these are mainly here to destroy my own sites when they are 
					 about to be taken - and take out a character as well of course - 
					 because my Shattering Fires very quickly become strong enough to 
					 kill anybody affected by Entropy Spheres)
   1 Memory Reprocessing
   1 Deja Vu
   1 Scroll of Incantation
   1 Year of the Rat (this won me one of my games, and should have won me another 
					  if I had remebered to play it at the right time)
   2 Memory Palace (I love the look on the players faces when I lay down a 15 card 
					Memory Palace filled with all sorts of disheartening denial and 
					one or two more copies of the Fighting 12 Celeste they are trying 
					to kill - he he)
   1 Paradox Garden
   1 Alchemist Lair
   1 Nexus Tower (great for recycling my events, or my Celestes or Mutators!)
   1 Lusignan's Tower

(Note that the first section of Feng Shui Sites are all mutatable)
   1 Bird Sanctury
   1 Disco
   1 Phlogiston Mine
   1 Golden Mile (Mutatable 2 ways, 1 power when a player spends 2, or 2 power when they spend 3) 
   1 Nine Dragon Temple
   1 Gambling House
   1 Desolate Ridge

   1 Turtle Beach
   1 Hot Springs
   1 Kinoshita House
   1 Sacred Heart Hospital
   1 Waterfall Sanctuary (for Mentor removal)
   1 Temple of Celestial Mercy
   1 Fox Pass
   1 Cataract George
   1 Jade Valley (originally thought this was mutable - the +1 power I mean, the body 
				  increase is irrelevant since that can always be done on any site - but 
				  have realized its not since the mutation would have to be in the Establishing
				  Shot, so I will be swapping it for something else most likely - Maybe a
				  Four Sorrows Island)

There ya go. Thoughts, and even praise, welcome :)

2003 Origins Final Brawl Winner

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