Shadowfist Deck: Madame Yen's Parlour of Pain by Braz King

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[posted 16 Jul 2005]

Originally posted to the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 12 Jul 2005 by Braz King. Republished with permission. If you're a member of the group, you can read the original in the archive.

Braz King won the National Championships (part 1) multiplayer tournament at Origins 2005 with this deck.


Madame Yen's Parlour of Pain
by Braz King (71 cards)

Deck Description: This began as a Lotus/Ascended janky bounty deck that I played a lot during our last League and lost a lot. It got better as it went along and gradually lost Bounty and turned into an Assassinate/Control deck. The story is that Madame Yen has hired the best girls she can find to work in her "Parlour of Pain" (Sliding Paper Walls) but the customers often go missing. In her basement she is working on dark projects to bring her customers back from the dead to do her bidding. The deck originally had Cenotaph in this role but too much blanking made him a liability so I switched to Walking Corpses. The deck runs on the mid-range hitters and character takeover as it only packs a single and very janky hitter in Madame Yen herself. Most cards in the deck fit the theme. Characters are either customers, thugs/henchmen/mercenaries, working girls, or magic monsters. Locations are mostly locations you might encounter the working girls. Some cards represent the influence of Madame Yen's clients in government. And of course the Bite of the Jellyfish 'cause the motto of the deck is, "we don't kiss... but we do bite!". Thematically the deck wants Inauspicious Reburial but I don't think I could bear the hatred running Mentors and Reburials in the same deck. LOL!

 5 Gangsters
 1 "Hammer" Harrison
 1 Student of the Shark
 5 Shamanistic Punk
 2 Sinister Priest

 1 Man With No Name (would you give your real name?)
 2 Femme Fatale
 2 Walking Corpses
 1 White Disciple

 1 Nine Cuts
 1 Ninja Six
 1 Sting of the Scorpion
 1 Evil Twin
 1 Je Pai
 2 Tong Hatchetman

 1 Madame Yen

The Juice
 3 Pocket Demon
 1 Secret Pact
 2 Bite of the Jellyfish
 2 Insidious Plan

 1 Larcenous Mist
 1 The Ruby Eye
 1 Flying Sleeves
 1 Faked Death
 3 Operation Killdeer

 1 Sword of the Master
 1 Discerning Fire
 1 Cry of the Forgotten Ancestor
 2 Realpolitik
 2 Shadowy Mentor
 2 Inauspicious Return
 2 Tortured Memories

 1 Drug Lab
 1 Sliding Paper Walls
 1 The White Leopard Club

Feng Shui Sites
 2 City Park
 4 Festival Circle
 2 The Blue Moon Club
 2 Kinoshita House
 2 Sacred Heart Hospital
 2 Waterfall Sanctuary

[writeup by Braz King]

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