Shadowfist Deck: Many Grave Returns & Mesquite Grilled by Robert Stetler

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[posted 21 Jul 2006]

Published with permission. Thanks Robert!

Robert Stetler won the Kublacon 2006 Final Brawl (multiplayer) tournament with these decks.


The Final Brawl event was an odd one, in that everyone swapped out decks for the final round as we'd faced each others decks before (in Erik & my case, repeatedly). I play about 70 card decks, and I also pack more sites in my deck than the usual standard, so my decks are definitely cause for some head scratching from the viewpoints of many. Here's the "qualifier" deck, followed by the final round deck.

Many Grave Returns
by Robert Stetler (67 cards)

   Ten Thousand Agonies(2)
   Lai Kuang(2)
   Seven Evils(2)
   Feng Kan(3)
   Underworld Tracker(4)
   Hopping Vampire(4)
   Eater of Fortune(2)
   Wu Ta-Hsi(2)
   Earth Poisoner(5)
   Sinister Priest(5)
   Rend Chi(3)
   Tortured Memories(3)
   Pocket Demon(3)
   Throne of Skulls(2)
   The Twisted Gardens(2)
   Infernal Temple(3)
   Garden of Bronze(2)
   Fortress of Shadow(2)
   Wall of a Thousand Eyes(2)
   Waterfall Sanctuary(2)
   Cave Network(3)
   Mobius Gardens(3)
   Nine Dragon Temple(4)


Mesquite Grilled
by Robert Stetler (70 cards)

   King of the Fire Pagoda(2, NW1)
   Lord Shi(2, 10KB)
   Blade of Darkness(3)
   Jaguar Warriors(3)
   Fire Mystic(4)
   Ice Healer(2)
   Darkness Priestess(5)
   Fire Acolytes(5)
   Mark of Fire(4)
   Brain Fire(3)
   Blood Lust(3)
   Pocket Demon(3)
   Claws of Darkness(2)
   Ice Totem(2)
   Obsidian Eye(2)
   The Book of Wrath(2)
   Alchemist Lair(3, DF)
   Wall of a Thousand Eyes(2)
   Fortress of Shadow(2)
   Garden of Bronze(2)
   Fireworks Factory(2)
   Hall of Portals(2)
   Stone Dolmens(2)
   Mobius Gardens(3)
   Nine Dragon Temple(3)

[writeup by Robert Stetler]

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